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This is where it’s time to kick back put everything behind you & relax &
be uninterrupted, this will have Documentaries, fact base movies, comedy
sitcoms, thrillers, game shows, old time movies just about everything you
can think on a video & then some, so get you some munchies & drink &
put a do not disturb sign up & start scrolling down the list & pick a few.
You may want to take a look at the description on the video your watching
for extra info about the video, (not all videos will have 1) & most will.

ALL videos are watched BY ADMINISTRATION & selected B-4 loading.
just a little extra bonus to help with the people who don’t like ads HIT THIS <this tells you how to do it.
don’t forget to look at the comments on the videos for more info.

Rougue>thriller< time: 1:20, Crocodile’s in Australia (prehistoric)

Storm Seekers: Hunting Hurricanes>disaster movie< time: 1:27:41

10,000 B.C >action-adventure-drama< time: 1:49.57 (prehistoric)

The sad truth of being broke>comedy< time 22:48 mins

31 decades old cases SOLVED >Documentary< time: 138:47

Tv news bloopers>comedy< Time: 28:56

Dumbest answers eve>comedy< Time: 21:03

top 10 husband-wife pranks>pranks< Time: 17:08

35 organizing $ store Ideas & hacks >how to< Time: 15:06

What goes where>Easy kitchen ideas< Time: 20:45

Kids being kids>comical< Time: 23:55

funny pets >comical< Time: 13:48

Stand up comedy at a young age >comedian< Time: 23:52

45 reasons to play in the yard>DIY projects< Time: 13:09

22 Unusual containers garden planters>Diy< Time: 9:59

The future in the next generation>documentary< Time: 42:25

Eating is a bad habit we have>Food facts< Time: 1:31:09

A rumor of Angels >family< Time: 1:34:43❤️

cool dog family adventure >family< Time 1:28:31❤️

A Box Of Faith FULL OFFICIAL MOVIE Family faith< Time 1:30:03 ❤️

Exit Speed-Full Action Movie action< Time: 1:27:28❤️

Paul Harvey>old news< Time: 40:04

Just let go >true story< Time: 146:46❤️

The Ultimate Life>family-experience< Time: 1:48:57❤️

Touched By Grace faith in life< Time 1:31:37 ❤️

MOVING SOPHIA MILES Title3 family ties < Time: 1:33:29❤️

The Ultimate gift>family experience< Time: 1:57:09❤️

The Ultimate Legacy>family experience< Time 1:39:25❤️

The back up plan>comedy< Time: 1:44:09 good movie.

Endgame 2050>documentary< Time: 1:32:44

Support your local sheriff>comedy< Time: 1:32:57

The Gambler>drama< Time: 1:35:32

The Godfather of New York>drama< Time: 1:54:08

Friday night roundup>talk show< Time: 1:52:28

Goodbye World>action-drama< Time: 1:40:57

Pandemic-Virus Outbreak sci-fi< Time:1:28:18

Quantum Apocalypse>action-drama< Time: 1:34:57

Zoo>true story< Time: 1:37:01

Furry Vengeance>comedy-family< Time: 1:31;20

The Wealth Tax is Coming!>info< Time: 47:07

The Plastic Problem>documentary< Time: 54:08

Encounter>SciFi< Time: 1:32:23

Who’s in charge ? >news< Time:15mins

ECONOMIC CRASH >$ report< Time:16:43

For the Love of a Child >fact based< Time: 1:30:56

Della Reese – chasing secrets > family< Time: 1:34:16

Zombie Action Movies >thriller< Time: 1:20:23

A Mother’s Instinct >true story< Time: 1:28:11

A Cry in the Wilderness > family< Time: 1:35:43

The Tragedy of Flight 103: The INSIDE story >Fact base< Time:1:26:10

Fire – Trapped on the 37 floor >Fact base< Time:1:29:16

Final Justice (1998) >Fact base< Time:1:30:49

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