Politics and Lives

Politics is a BIG part of everyday lives, where they can do anything they
want with our lives & not think about the outcome & the effects it has.

Think about it, tax’s, food, news, jobs, schools, transportation, military, police
hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, it’s called laws & leaders that rule us.

There is a LOT to talk about on this, but no 1 wants to hear it CAUSE WHY?
from back in the old days till now, we THE PEOPLE has been lied to & taken
for granted in every way they can to use us to MAKE THEM RICH! & in office.

We are the Guinea pigs, we are the 1’s that suffer the effects of the laws they
put in place for (US) to follow not THEM, I’m 60+ years old & I have seen a lot
of things over the yrs that has been going on & it keeps right on getting worse.

The Circumstances we have had to put up with Is nothing more than political
B-S!! they say & do a lot of crazy crap & expect the people to just FOLLOW IT
but it never applies to them, now why is that? cause their the 1’s in CHARGE.
How Biden Will Complete Obama’s > Transformation of AMERICA

If you took the time to listen to the video of just what all he said that’s JUST
WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, so what are we to do about it when VOTING don’t
seem to be the answer anymore? or is it where we CAN’T DO ANYTHING anymore?

I don’t know what you think, but I’d sure like to, cause I have a lot to say about
what’s going on with our “government & THEIR POLICIES” they are pushing on
us like we don’t have a say & just GO ALONG WITH IT! I DON’T THINK SO, sorry.
What Is Treason? < this is pretty interesting to listen to about how it works

I’ll be the 1st to say I wasn’t 1 that followed the news like I have been since
Trump went into office & I’ve stayed on top of it every since with what’s going
on that opened my eyes to learn a lot more than I ever thought I could know.

I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s too depressing to listen to or their not into
what’s going on or too disturbing to listen to, well folks let me school you on
why it’s wise to listen to the news, it’s a matter of what’s to come next in life.

I get it, it can be depressing & disturbing & upsetting, but we can learn from it
just think about what you would do if our very lives were at risk BY what the
GOVERNMENT LAWS PUT IN PLACE? you would have no clue how to survive it.
What Somalia’s Failed Election Could Mean <This is what COULD HAPPEN

The videos I put on here shows JUST WHAT COULD HAPPEN in the united states
I’m not 1 to scare people but we have NO CLUE what our government is doing
that their not telling us unless we watch the people that’s talking about it all.

This is the VERY THING I’m talking about on WHY it’s the smart thing to be
doing cause like I said at the beginning of this blog, they CONTROL our lives
they say & do what ever they want with our lives take time & listen to this.
Can Joe stand for anything?

Government is SUPPOSE to Keep AMERICA “SAFE” can you tell me how is
THIS keeping Americans SAFE? cause I’ve been watching what’s been going
on & THIS isn’t how it’s done!…& the AMERICAN PEOPLE need help B-4 any 1.
Biden administration policies

Now can you tell me how this is keeping America safe? cause from what I can
tell that’s going to lead us right down the road to more criminals and more of
our resources going towards what I call the OUTSIDERS OF AMERICA & not us.

Our medical resources, our tax $ will benefit THEM & our taxes will go up
our housing will be demised to house them, just look at Calif with what’s
going over there, they will push us out & rule all the states & resources.

I hope I have opened your eyes on this & pay more attention to what’s
going on with the Government & our so called LAWS that effect every 1
of us, from 1 end of the world to the other side & where we are heading.
Illegal immigration costs America $116B & this is our PRESIDENT 😞

Here I’ll share with you some of the comments on the video you just seen
this is why SO MANY VOTED FOR TRUMP when he said he was running & I
can’t blame them, I’m right there with every 1 that voted for him 2016-2020.

  • Looks like Americans would be getting tired of paying for illegals, I
    know I am, build the wall!
  • California spends $12,252 per student per year there are at least
    65,000 illegal students, for school in California the cost is $796,380,000.
  • The Fed’s printing money! But the US, the taxpayers will be paying more!
  • Send the BILLS to their home Country….SICK and tired of taking care if
    the world. enough is enough.

With what few comments I shared with you I’m pretty sure you get where this
is all heading if we invite millions more into OUR STATES that is on the brink
of collapse just with what’s already been going on to keep America UP & going.

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