(Winter Weather)

Winter weather is not easy for the elderly & domestic animals like
short haired dogs/young cats, & it really is sad when people just
don’t care enough to protect their pets out in the frigid cold weather.

I have 6 dogs & make sure the 3 outside in 10X30 ft runners have all
they need 24 hr food, water & a warm place to sleep & out of the cold
I check on them everyday make sure their doing good & all is safe.

I hate to see animals outside & nothing to protect them & they die
cause no 1 thought to put some straw or blankets down for them
to stay warm, that’s crulety in my book & mean to do to any animals.

I’ve literally stolen pets from people & found them better homes so
they would have a good life instead of being left in the cold to die
God put animals on this earth to love & enjoy not to mistreat them.

But there are other things to consider with winter weather I want to
talk about on here, like preparedness B-4 winter gets in your area &
it’s too late to get ready to settle in, I’ll put them in sections for you.

  • Firewood, make sure you have plenty on hand from start to end
  • Food, make sure you have enough that will get you by mon to mon
  • fuel, make sure your vehicles have a full tank & winterized from cold
  • miscellaneous, make sure your stocked up with toilet paper & stuff
  • salt, snow leaves layers of ice underneath it salt melt helps with that
  • Pet food, make sure you have plenty to last them the winter months
  • Straw, if you have outside pets they need straw to keep them warm
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iktGIMPmIb4

I use to have a fire place & we would start getting prepared as early as
April to get everything we needed was on hand, the list above will help
we turned a extra room into a storage place for winter things we needed

We made it where we didn’t have to worry about getting out in the weather
for anything that would put us at risk on the roads & snow on the roads &
take a chance of catching cold or getting in a wreck or slipping on the snow.

When it comes to feeding the dogs we had, we always filled their feeders to
the top & put a LONG FLOWER PLANTER in their dog house & fill it full as well
& that would give them plenty of food for like 2+ weeks till next fill up.

With the videos that I put on here is just a few things I covered about winter
but if you need or want more info just put a winter list together of what all
your household needs 6 mos. a head of time just to have it all all on hand.

2 responses to “(Winter Weather)”

  1. nobody needs to have a pet that cant take care of there self

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  2. I don’t know what ever body else thinks but my dog is my best friend.

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