Actions Matter

Motivation is a big part of our lives, without it nothing ever gets done
I’m 1 that feels if you are able to do what ever you want in life then do
it, don’t rely on others to do it for you when you’re able to do it yourself.

Laziness gets you nowhere in life & a procrastinator just lets life roll by
that most people don’t know how to deal with & doesn’t understand how
people can be the way they are they want something done but don’t do it.

For instance, you go to a friends house & everytime that you go to visit
you are the 1 to get asked do things that the person your visiting can do
but rather have who ever is around to do it instead of the main person.

As you read the photo on this blog says just what we all should keep in
mind laziness isn’t living, doesn’t have a concept of how this kills a good
friendship, cause it makes people feel used & that’s not right or fair.

For instance say you visit your friend & everytime you visit the person
wants you to cook or haul firewood from the porch in & talks crazy crap
they are going to do this & that & turn around & say you do it INSTEAD.

I look at things different if your able to do what you want done then
do what needs to be done & stop being lazy & relying on your friends
& others to do what you want done like going to the store & other stuff.

People that are so lazy don’t see what others see & doesn’t get the idea
concept it’s wrong & doesn’t get why people don’t visit them that much
or the person thinks it’s pretty smart thinking on how to get things done.

I feel if you can’t find it within your own mind to do what needs to be done
& rather rely on your visitors that come by to hang out to do it would you
keep going to that persons house knowing you going to be their slave?
When You Procrastinate Too Much< this is a video about the subject matter.

Are you a procrastinator? or 1 that gets things done no matter what it takes?
I’m 1 that can’t afford to rely on any 1 & when I need or want something done
I don’t wait for “SOMEONE” to show up to get it done I get on it right then & there.

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