Did I Miss Something?

Sometimes we miss some things in conversations & it makes 
Us think about what was said & this can happen to anyone at
any time any where, cause of all kinds of reasons or situations.

You may ask What brings this subject up? That’s a VERY GOOD 
Question, well for me it’s after I’ve had a conversation with a
person That seems somewhat smart till they throw something
from left Field out of the blue & I’m a simple easy minded
person myself.

Are you confused yet? (re-read) like if I said, we’ll be home till bill 
Day & who your talking to comes back & ask what are you  Going 
to do on bill day? What do people do on bill day? Pay bills right?

I’ve known this person really good like over 10+ years, That’s what 
brings this conversation up & this is after coming home from a short 
Time from his place & thinking about some of the conversations.

Have you ever had to be rude to someone in their own place & know 
That’s not a good thing to do? but you just can’t help to say what’s 
on your mind? Well that’s what brings up this subject, & life goes on.

I am a pretty up front person that has had some rough shoes to walk 
In, in more ways than 1, from day 1 on this earth & yes a lot of others 
Have too, we all have a story to tell, some good some bad who don’t?

Some have said I’m too straight up, cause I take life too seriously. 
Huh? Would something like that make you think about it? Yea 
They say it’s not right to judge, but think about, “how” can you not
JUDGE People? Everyone is judging, assuming, criticizing, blaming.

Impeachment Trial Day 4 I had a GOOD FEELING since day 1, 2016 
& seen everything  they’re showing, Trump has them nailed to
the wall...? literally hook line & sinker just like God showed me.

If you watch news 24/7 & believe in your creator from above truth in 
The bible says, you live by the wall you die by the wall, eye for an eye.
I live in the woods in a cabin & I live on you tube & what I’ve been 
Seeing over the past 60+ yrs I believe in what god has been showing 
Me through what’s going on & be ready for anything that you can 
For see in the future by Jesus & what he shows you is real from within.

Now I can’t help if some get offended when the truth is right there &
you can’t handle what your hearing & watching but facts are FACTS &
LAWS ARE LAWS, I see a BUNCH OF PEOPLE Going Down “D.T.S.T” Well
I think that’s what’s fixing to happen come March so be on your toes.

I have been trying on a certain site to tell people what I see going on
& get into heated conversations about our version of what’s right &
what’s not & the lands of the world has too many views in life. say ?
 In The Year 2525 (lyrics) < this is a you tube channel on the future
hit the title & a you tube video will open> Time: 3:33.

I’m going to leave this like I’ve worded this blog, & say thank you for
stopping by & hope to hear your thought on this subject or should I
subjects? re-read the post & see what you missed chat with you later.

One response to “Did I Miss Something?”

  1. some people don’t understand the simple things of life good luck on your time travel of life don’t worry gods got your back

    Liked by 1 person

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