Is life worth living?

Hello, I thought I’d make a post off this Video that’s on here cause I can
relate to this, cause it’s happened to me in life, & it’s a decision that’s a
life long 1 & depending on each persons Circumstances things differ.

My 1st son was from a rape & mixed from a foster home I was put into
I was rapped @ the age of 17 teen & kept him till he was 9 mos. old &
found myself in a bad situation & had no choice but to give him up. 😞

I didn’t want to but when you’re with no money no shelter & have to
rely on a neighbor right across from a abusive person, I couldn’t see
us living there & this was in the 70’s, So yea I can relate very much so.
It’s A Life Worth Living <The link is in the TITLE for the video to watch
just tap the title above & the video will show you the link to hit. N-joy.

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