1st off I want to say Thank you for being here & keeping track of
everything I write about, that means a lot to me, sorry I haven’t
been here a few weeks, as I’ve been a little busy on the outside
pond getting the bog filter system set up & the cover over it all.

As you may know I wrote a blog about such things of this project
& if your interested in this kind of thing the blog is titled Raising
Bait fish
& I’ll have some other things as well in here on this too.

Like everything that I’ve been doing since my last blog I did on
here, I’ve got a lot done & I have to say it’s looking really good
I’m not FULLY done done but the hard stuff is FINISHED WHEW.

Now I’m working on trying to start some water plants for it, I’m
doing them inside the fish tanks I have with creek chubs that
won’t eat or destroy the plants I put in their tank for the bog 👍.

The 1st plant is a jungle Val plant & I got the GIANT kind to start
out with, then I’ll get some other plants to fill in the gaps of what
it doesn’t cover, like plant’s that won’t over grow the container.

Jungle Val> How to care for Vallisneria
diy bog filter> Bog  filter in a barrel

I just might put the jungle Val in the pond & put the bacopa
& another different plant in the filter barrel for filtration &
being it’s a pond for fish we eat will help flush them out too.

I have my pond on the back deck with a fence so it pretty
well keeps strays out & I have a canopy over the top so it
helps keep the birds out & it’s not a bad set up to enjoy.

It’s not in direct sun, it’s in all day shade so that keeps the
algae out & with the plants will be a extra bonus & dress it
up & we’re going to make a cricket cage like a bait store has.

With the size deck we have works out just right for a place
to BBQ & have a few fish in the pond to feed & admire while
your enjoying time outside with company or spouse.

This is all for now, I have a fishing date tomorrow so I’m
going to get ready for bed & for tomorrow, Thank You for
stopping by be sure to check out the other blogs bye.

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