The photo above is what I have to look at every time when we leave
somewhere & I have counted 11 yards from the main road to my place
the neighbors living in our area that looks like the photo above & even
WORSE & there’s neighbors that keeps their places up & clean has
reported the places but it goes in 1 ear & out the other it’s embarrassing.

There’s nothing more uglier than to see peoples trash in the yard & no
sign of trying to clean it up, it’s very stressful for others that lives in the
area to see it day after day & it gets bigger it drives me crazy I just want
to SCREAM CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH but you know how that would go.

So I do all I can to keep my mouth shut & stay inside, I can’t wait to be
able to get this place paid off & get another place where there’s NO
to deal with such nonsense & where I can be able to get
outdoors & not see any trash again it makes it bad if you wanted to sell.

Not only that, but to deal with having our driveway blocked when we
have to get out to pay bills or go somewhere we need to be in a hurry
thank God we made a circle drive where we CAN get out or back in.

I also have something else to fuss about in our area that gets under my
skin, & can’t say anything about cause how people are & it’s said keep
the peace & your mouth closed you have less problems to worry about.


That’s people that don’t keep their dogs contained in their yard, they let them
roam the neighborhood & they have been told MORE than enough times to
keep them fenced or tied or get rid of them unless they want them hauled off
our mail box is down the road where if I wanted to take a walk I couldn’t 😠.

Not only that but they always end up in our yard where I have 3 dogs in 10×30
ft runner pens & I’d hate to be gone & 1 gets in 1 of the pens my dogs are in &
something BAD HAPPENS to my dogs or the 1 that get into 1 of my dog pens.

I have chains on the doors but they could still dig under the fence to get to
my dogs they won’t know what hit them cause I’d be going to jail ! cause I’ve
had a neighbors dog jump my dogs & it wasn’t just 1 time but a few times &
I told him the 1st 2 times it happened I’d call the law & the 3rd time I did.

My NEXT PLACE I’m going to put a sign up saying KEEP YOUR TRASH UP!
KEEP YOUR PETS AT HOME! which I’m HOPING that the place we’re looking
at I won’t have to put such a sign up cause we have taken a stroll through the
area & it’s a 100% cleaner & no close neighbors with any dogs running lose.

With the dogs I have I make EXTRA SURE they can’t get out & have 24-7 food
& water & shelter to get out of the weather & with 6 BIG dogs that are KNOWN
to bite cause they are watch dogs for security duty their meant to be just that.

I don’t want to sound like a hard A?? but with what we have had to put up with
over the years & the people we’ve dealt with we have taken more than our share
of B-s & & we’re done dealing with people that want to live like bums, I know
I may get some flack on that but if people have been through what we have
then you’d feel the same way we do, some of these people we know as well.

I’m sorry for being so blunt & shared my rant with you, but I had to get this
off my mind & chest cause when it comes for us to sell our place it WON’T
cause the minute someone goes a 100 ft in the area they’ll turn around
from just looking at all the trashy yards & ran down homes that’s here.

Thank You for stopping by & hanging out on this blog if you have something
you’d like to say please do cause I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, & think
about if you were in our shoes as you read this blog how would you feel?

6 responses to “CLEAN UP YOUR “TRASH””

    • I’m glad to hear that, I wish I could say that, but unfortunately I can’t.
      I live in a place where no 1 gives a sh!t about how they live & it’s so
      stressful that we hate being outside or even going anywhere cause
      of all the trash we have to look at till we get out of the area far enough.

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    • Then you know how I feel looking at trashy yards in our community
      it’s very stressful everytime we have to drive down the same road
      everytime we leave, you don’t dare invite people over to your place
      you can’t have a yard sell or a get together of any kind it’s horrible.

      I have 6 dogs & not small 1’s either & keep every 1 of them under
      control in 10 x 30 ft runner pens & the neighbors around here have
      1-3 & just let them roam the neighborhood & that’s just not right.

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