Innocent OR Guilty

what’s this world coming to ?

Hello There Folks, How’s things going on your side of the world?
we have been under cold weather all day with some pea size hail
so we pretty much stayed indoors, next Wens is bill paying day. 😞

Being we’re turning into hermits for the winter I’ll be doing a lot
of nothing for the next 6 mons other than going to pay bills &
keeping things stocked up that we need, miscellaneous things.

Has anyone else been watching the Rittenhouse trial ? I just
did & it’s really sad to know how bad things have turned &
is getting, with the protesting, riots, killings, lies & deceptive.

This poor kid, I watched the riots that were going on back
in Wisconsin of 2020 & I say if I had of been in his shoes
I would have done the same thing! ! ! wouldn’t you too ?

Kyle Rittenhouse guilty or innocent ? this is a short clip of
what the jury has to decide 1 way or the other on & the
verdict is going to be today (Tuesday) 9am their time.

I watched the trial & heard both sides & KYLE himself
on the stand & after what I heard & seen (3-4 hr.) trial
I can’t blame the kid for doing what he did sorry to say.

How two paths crossed in a fatal shooting ? Rosenbaum
should have stayed at the hospital that night & he’d be
alive right now, Rittenhouse he had every right to shoot.

He was doing nothing wrong other than being at the
wrong place at the wrong time & now the kid has 2
lives on his shoulders to live with, I really feel for him.

Brace for it! This is the person I love listening to on
things that’s going on cause he puts it in the right
place & explains how things are so turned around.

This is 1 of them things that parents need to teach their
kids B-4 they get a certain age & start acting crazy & you
can’t fix the problem, you notice it’s always black people ?

Don’t get me wrong, but as long as I can remember every
time people get crazy or get killed or get into trouble it’s
a black person & you watch what their doing to get caught.

All I can say is it’s a dog eat dog world we are living in &
with the stuff going on in the world TODAY you better
keep your eyes & ears peeled, stay very vigilant & informed.

Well ya’ll, it’s bed time so I’m going to say bye for now & I’ll
get back with you all later on, keep safe & stay strong together
Thank You I really appreciate your insight & visiting me.

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