New things are coming

New things can be good & bad

Howdy howdy ya’ll, yea you heard right, I said Howdy howdy ya’ll 💥
as you seen the title to the post, would you not be a bit surprised I
started right out the gate with a surprise entry to start this blog off.

Well I guess I succeeded, I’ve been up since 3 this morning working
on getting everything ready for us to cook our Turkey today & all the
fixings along with it & have it EARLY, now why would we do that ?

Cause we will have a few friends over & all so when the real day gets
here they will be somewhere else eating & we can have our day to
ourselves without all the mess & people around, nice & peaceful. 👍

That way the day will come & go & not a lot to worry about doing
make a dish & eat & watch T.V yee haw! kill 3 birds with 1 stone &
enjoy the gift God gives to those that think ahead of the game in life.

You have to think outside the box sometimes to get things done &
God above gives you that gift to use in any situation that comes up
some can’t think in a minutes notice, so we have to think ahead.

Now what about what NEW THINGS ARE COMING ? are they good
or bad? hum? they could be both, but we’ll have to observe what we
hear & see & BELIEVE or not to believe, it all depends on YOU. 😬

I got a email today about terms of service update I’ll share with you
& even though I haven’t had time to read it, I thought you’d want to
know & see it yourself so in case you haven’t got yours yet or ??

U-TUBE >Terms of Service update (2021) I’ll take time this weekend
to read it, but right now I have other things I need to get out of the
way 1st B-4 I get my head wrapped around what’s going on there.

Now for the other topic I want to share with you is this I have going
some may have heard I was looking for a new blogging site to play
on & some haven’t so I thought I’d share the link with you to visit it.

Strikingly blog post < If You can open the link here & see the post
that’s what the NEW blog site I’m on looks like AFTER you work with
the plugins they have for you to play with, It’s pretty awesome too.

I gave up on the other blog site I had B-4 that 1 cause it didn’t have
what I was looking for in it & didn’t give me no urge if you know
what I mean, but with the new 1 I felt like I could connect with it.

Let me know if you can open the link, cause if you can’t I may
have to get a email or name to get you in it’s like a guest list &
now for the rest of what’s NEW at least for today anyway so far.

I haven’t turned on the news YET to give you any updates &
I just might not cause it won’t be long B-4 our friends will be
here & spending a few hours with them & out the door. 👋

Once their gone I’m going to bed for a few hours to catch up
on some sleep & when I wake up THEN I’ll see what I can get
other than that I’m going to turn you lose & get busy here. bye

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