Prayers are NEEDED

MAJOR WEATHER across 5 states

😢I have been listening to the news on the weather reports that’s been
going out & I pray that you all didn’t get any of this where you may be
we got some heavy rain & hard wind but we’re Okay, no damages here.

I have a friend in KY & hubby has family in Ala, Tenn, & Fla, so far their
all fine, but MAN OH MAN the damage across 5 STATES that’s INSANE ! ! !
God isn’t happy & he’s letting people know what he can do & WILL DO.

I feel so bad for all the families that has been effected by all this mayhem
of destruction across the states, my prayers go out to them all, God be with
them, we all know the future isn’t promised to any of us & this shows it.

Deadly tornadoes rip across five states <video this is going to take a LONG
TIME to get things somewhat back in place, buildings, hardest hit locations
peoples lives, this is very devastating to listen to & watch how bad this is.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear <video, if you can reach out to the people
that has been effected from the storms that would be a great thing to do
I know people don’t reach out to strangers but right now they NEED US

I can’t for the life of me know how many people have died in the massive
destruction I have been seeing on the news, but as I have said B-4 that
ALL LIVES MATTER no matter where they are are who they are, that’s #1.

I wonder what the B, administration is going to say on how to STOP this
from ever happening again when they are always talking about CLIMATE –
CHANGE, cause this is GOD’S WORK of his power not MAN’S POWER, amen.

As I have said earlier, please send prayers & reach out to those that’s been
hit by this, they need our help & hearts so they know their not alone or feel
like no 1 cares, I went as far as putting my email in the comment section.

I hope you & your loved 1’s weren’t effected by any of these storms & all is
safe & sound, God bless you ALL from the bottom of my heart, if you want to talk about any of this your more than welcome to contact me by email.

I’m here pretty much of the day & I keep a close eye on my emails as well
so if you want to reach out to me please feel free to do so My time is yours
I always open for whatever you have on your mind, my heart goes out to U.


6 responses to “Prayers are NEEDED”

  1. It’s almost winter, this is insane. I checked on my relatives, and they are all OK, thank God.

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    1. Yea I know it is crazy, they SAY this year
      is going to bring some crazy weather.

      👍Awesome, Glad to hear family is Okay

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  2. Since Prayer is communication, hence without prayer there can be no relationship with God. So yeah! Prayer is NEEDED. Great post. 🤝

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  3. It is terrible and the weather service didn’t see all this coming so warnings were late or not at all. I am in NW Arkansas. There were tornados very close but not in my community. Yes prayers are needed!

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    1. How did they NOT see it coming ? their
      suppose to keep a close eye on things
      like that, Thank God your community
      wasn’t hit. Amen

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