Our constitution is no more

Our constitution is being BOUGHT OUT

If this don’t make your blood boil out of your veins & your heart pound
with anger & hopelessness then I would have to think your okay with it
where those who knows this isn’t right & is furious what they are doing.

I can’t wait until the midterms get here, but that won’t be for another
12 mons? & with this crazy stuff going on now God only knows what we
could be dealing with TILL THEN a LOT can happen in them 12 months.

Invasion of America <video😠 This is why I share videos with you all
so you can get what regular news isn’t showing, are you OK with this?
do you understand or even GRASP what they are doing to our nation?

I don’t watch just ANY NEWS but I DO WATCH what is going on around
our nation to where it concerns me DEEPLY of where we are heading
& if you think 10 yrs from now this won’t effect our lives your WRONG!

EVERY area there is will be effected by this 1 way or the other & it won’t
be good for ANY 1, they are turning our nation into a train wreck like
other nations that THESE VERY People ARE LEAVING! that’s NOT GOOD.

You might want to ask yourself, if our nation turns into what these
people are getting AWAY FROM where will you go? to where THEY
CAME FROM? I don’t think so, we have to STOP THIS ASAP V-T-O!

Vote Them Out! ! ! go with the 1 that will not STAND FOR THIS CRAP
go with the 1 that will stand by the american way & for the PEOPLE
that fought for the AMERICAN constitution & the rights of America.


He warned us what would take place if they got in & no 1 took him serious
now look at what they are & have been doing & have done since he was
taken from us, 😢 yes they CHEATED but we can’t let it happen again ! ! !

This is Gov’t abuse from the very top DOWN & it has to be STOPPED NOW
the only way to do that is to vote against them at EVERY TURN, this is our
right & OUR COUNTRY We are fighting for & we have to STAND UP FOR It.

We Still Believe In the AMERICAN PEOPLE

2 responses to “Our constitution is no more”

  1. It’s pretty bad and I worry about election integrity. We all know there is election fraud and it seems to be one-sided. It is disheartening to know that my vote is canceled out by a fraudulent or illegal one. I, of course, will vote in person and they require ID here as it should be everywhere.

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    1. I agree with you, I’m going to as well
      we are all in this together & we still have
      a say, they are PAID by our labor – taxes


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