Time for a NEW START

The year is almost over THANK GOD, I can’t wait, it’s been a DESASTER
with everything that has been going on with the weather & economy
& everything else I know I’m not the only 1 for this year to be DONE! !

Does any 1 have any new years resolutions? if so I’d like to hear them
I have a few I’m hoping pans out for us this new year, I’ve been busy
on keeping everything like it is 💲living wise💲for at LEAST 2023, why?

It will help us with extra funds on getting out of this danger zone we
are living in & move a little farther out, away from people & the forest
of🌴 50 -100ft tall on top of us, That’s our main goal & focus right now.

My 2nd goal, depending on next year how it starts off, for the 1st 6mos
this puts us somewhere around May 2022, we hope to hear about a place
we were told to check out that he knows the guy that’s working on it 👍.

If, & I mean a “BIG” IF, we get blessed to get this place I have a chance
to create a nice area in the yard to a fish room where I would have the
lake fish we catch & goldfish fish as fishing bait & diy filtration to sell.

The area we are in is a small town maybe not even on the map Idk, so
staying where we are & keep our eyes & faith open with God above all
will turn out as he wants it to, for or against us Amen. I’m just here.


if we get this place we’ll have to put 3 decent size dog runners & a
yard for the 3 that are indoor -outdoor dogs, that get a long good
so that right there is going to cost some 💲 I’m talking 3> 10X20ft
runners for the outside pins, the 1-20X30ft yard for the other 3. 👍

So all we can do is sit back with our feet propped up & pray daily
that things go LIKE we plan them to go, but we all KNOW how’s
it Said? it all works out in gods time, not ours, he rules over ALL! !

Well folks I know it’s early but happy new year I hope all stay
sharp at all times in today’s world, you know what I am saying
stay safe & try your best to see through the gloom & craziness.

Keep your eyes on God almighty & he will see us through Amen
God bless each & every 1, CHEERS

4 responses to “Time for a NEW START”

  1. May God make you all you are meant to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You, happy new year


  2. happy new year, may God bless you
    in everything you want to see done.


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