I don’t do high places

Bridges are not for me

How many of you are like me hate being on high places?
I have to close my eyes when I go on any bridges it freaks
me out so bad, if I had to drive over 1 I couldn’t do it.

Has any 1 ever been on any of these bridges here? if so
did you enjoy it or did you cringe going across it? I’m the
same way about airplanes, & deep water I don’t do them.

The 30 Most Dangerous Bridges Some of these I’ve had to
go across in Florida & hated it every time but had no other
way but going that way so I’m going I don’t live in Florida.

Yep that’s what I’d do every time

2 responses to “I don’t do high places”

  1. I’m a little claustrophobic, but high places don’t bother me. I hike up mountains and love the overlooks from bluffs. I have crossed some of the famous high swinging bridges. Never had a want to parachute but I would.

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    1. back in my younger days I didn’t mind
      heights but since I have fell a few times
      I don’t do anything higher than a 2-3
      step climb so I’m useless in doing things
      that require heights.


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