Talk about AWESOME !

I have a thing about ponds, streams, creeks, awesome water features
rather there man made or designed by nature it’s self, they always get
my attention. I can never seem to get tired of looking & dreaming about
having 1 where I can just sit & gaze into no-mans land they are so cool.

Say what you want, but I think they are the best thing on earth to enjoy
rather it be just watching them or playing in them or even fishing in them
no matter what, they have a way of just easing your mind of all the stress.

I watched a video about a this very pond – ponds & it was AMAZING what
all went into making these 2 ponds & how long it took the person to do it
not to mention what it COST, he did it all by a vision he had & WHAMMY !

*LARGEST* Man Made Water Feature in Texas!! You have to check this out
if you live in Texas close by this would be the place to go to unwind &
just relax & enjoy the AWESOMENESS & admire the work 1 man has done.

I’ve watched a LOT of videos about ponds & this 1 has tipped off the
scales at a 100% AWESOME! ! ! people that have this kind of talent is
# 1 AWESOME in my book, just like those that draw & so forth. 👍

If You can spend 10 mins to watch the video you would be just as
amazed as I was after watching it with your mind being BLOWN AWAY
just thinking about if it was in your area of the world to enjoy everyday.

7 responses to “How AWESOME IS THIS ?”

  1. That was pretty amazing!! 1.5 Million, but still things to come. The upkeep has got to be costly as well. I have an old Kingscraft boathouse on Tablerock lake. I love the water too!!

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  2. I thought the same thing myself, these days they make ponds
    more easier on maintenance where there’s very little maintenance.

    But maintaining a pond is what makes them more enjoyable
    cause it gives you something to do & it’s relaxing as off as that sounds.

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  3. I love ponds and so pretty! wish I could get my small one with an auto pump to work! 💖

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    1. go get another 1 cause if it was me
      that’s what I would be doing, I’d even
      order 1 for you if you really want 1.

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      1. Agreed but this is part of my landscaping 🤷‍♀️ Can’t take it out but could plant in it.. it works good enough I suppose. 💖🙏

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        1. not sure what you mean but okay.

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