Stores are getting skimpy

less store items than normal

Has anyone else noticed the shelves at the stores lately & or
the work staff at the big food chain stores lately ? I sure have
it’s not looking good that’s for sure & makes me a little worried.

I’ve been seeing less & less items at the stores I shop in & I
just heard our local news confirm what I’ve been seeing 😢
I’m sure glad I was in have been stocking food back awhile.

Shoppers finding shortages on store shelves The only thing
I worry about is my dogs & with 6 of them & the price for dog
food what I use to buy for 20$ a 50 lb bag (the cheap food) is
now 25-30$ & UP this is why I don’t stick to 1 brand of food.

We Need food too mama

When it comes to my dogs I’ll move heaven & earth to make sure
they have food to last them each month, I don’t care what I have
to do! ! ! they look out for us, I have to look out for them as well.

2 responses to “Stores are getting skimpy”

  1. I’ve noticed it. It’s not bad yet but getting slowly worse. I have a lot of long-term storage freeze-dried food. I used to be quite the “prepper”.

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  2. “getting slowly worse.” That’s a under statement but I do agree
    I never thought I’d see the day this would come true in my life.

    I don’t take things like this lightly, the day I went to Walmart
    when all this craziness started in 2020 & seen all the
    empty shelves I freaked & had to get out of there in a hurry.

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