Things are getting HEATED πŸ˜ 

Sparks are flying

This pretty much sums up what I was talking about in
my last blog I wrote earlier today, if any 1 watched the
videos I had on there, Things aren’t going too good. 😞

Federal Reserve in the ‘worst’ position If any 1 knows
the federal reserve about crunching #’s & how it all
goes then you can see where the economy is heading.

I’m no expert, but from what I am seeing & what they
are saying (if you listened to the video) it’s not good
& if that don’t tell you maybe this next video should.

Democratic strategist blames followers if you haven’t
been paying attention then your not watching the right
news channel, I don’t know what your watching for news.

I pay close attention to what’s going on & I know people
can’t get the news that I can cause I’m not on any kind of
live streams or cable I just have free you tube online.

Which if you don’t know how to do that it’s not hard to do
just get a GMAIL acct > go to goggle app to get Gmail acct
& free you tube & you can set up a free you tube channel.

You Save a lot of πŸ’²this way instead of paying high prices
Every month being everything keeps going up every month
this is 1 bill that won’t, & you can watch a lot more stuff too.

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