Why Argue about it, Lets FIX IT

It’s not about color, it’s about our RIGHTS

I get so enraged about how people on you tube argue over stuff
they have no idea what they are arguing about & it blows my mind
if people would just have some “COMMON SENSE” they’d get it.

I’m so disgusted over what the gov’t has put us ALL THROUGH
these past few yrs I’m beside myself over it, but yet what is
being done about it? division, hatred, anger, trust issues.

This is why people don’t talk about the REAL PROBLEMS in the
world that TRULY MATTERS but yet everyone is scared to say
anything about it, that’s NOT the way to fix the problems.

They Are Stuck in the Past Will Johnson tells the viewers why
things are the way they are today with how things are being
done with what Biden & the gov’t is doing to us everyday.

We the PEOPLE have rights & freedom of SPEECH but with
who is in the big house wants to change it & we will not have
our freedom or our rights if we don’t wake up & fight for it.

Truth About the Democratic Party This explains how we are
where we are today & why we need to be more vigilant about
who we vote for, don’t take what they say as truth WATCH &
learn about how they work, how they talk about things.

Rather you know it or not this land we ALL live on belongs to
us & God, NOT the GOV’T to take it from us, not to tell us what
we HAVE TO do or how to do it, or what THEY WANT us to do.

We all are in this fight TOGETHER you, me, your grand kids
what WE do in THIS LIFE TIME reflects how the future of
people AFTER US will be living in, from what we have DONE.

The life AFTER we are gone
This is SO true

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