Time is Ticking ðŸ•¥

Today was off to a COLD start but ended with a BANG! ! today was bill day
so we got that out of the way, put some $ In a safe hiding place for later
went & had a talk with a mortgage broker about a VA loan on a place.

That was the BEST STOP of the day after we got done, cause if All GOES
RIGHT we MIGHT be getting into a BETTER place than where we are now
👍 we just got our foot in the door so far, now all we have to do is wait.

The broker said we qualify for a 90.000 to 100.000 $ home loan through
the VA we just have to cover some things to be able to GET the loan is all
& once we have all that done & taken care of we SHOULD BE GOOD to go.

So if this all takes place within the next 3-6 months 🙏- 🤞we HOPE to
be moving & LORD knows how bad we have been waiting for this day
to come around, I HOPE TO know more on it next week, (paperwork)

It’s been a LONG TIME COMING & now the time has arrived & I’m so
TICKLED & THRILLED I couldn’t make it home fast enough to tell you
it’s also been a LONG DAY for me as well since I’ve been up since 5.

I’m going to take me a nice long nap & dream about the future to
come & sleep like a bear in hibernation, we lost power last night
for like 3-6 hrs. so didn’t get much sleep but I will TONIGHT 4-sure.

So with your prayers & comments I thank you from the bottom of
my heart & hope all is doing good if not hope it gets better for you
all I can say is keep your your eyes on your target & pray daily.

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