Time to kick back & relax a spell

There’s nothing better than taking a ME break

Well from what I can tell, we are DONE with the bills & food 👍
we did the bills the other day & some things we needed & we
skipped on the food till today, which was a MUST DO THING ! ! !

So the bills are taken care of for the month & we’re taken care
of as well & that makes our lives SO MUCH MORE relaxing to
kick off our shoes & watch the sunset & call it a DONE DEAL.

With what $ it takes to pay what bills we have & in today’s
world with inflation like it is, it takes a lot out of you to be
where you have your ? together & stay on top of it monthly.

Food cost us almost 200$ at Walmart & meat the same way
OUCH ! ! ! BUT here’s the thing we know how to stretch it to
last us awhile with just the 2 of us, Tv dinners & pop pies.

We bought 10lbs of each on meat at our meat market
hamburger, ground sausage, beacon, pork steaks, 2bgs
of chicken leg quarters, & the way I cook it’ll last us.

Food food that we get, we have a BEDROOM stuffed with
can goods & beans & rice along with other things to put
together to make a meal for a week for 2 people to eat.

So yea we got our game on & in the lead to just keep a
head of what ever happens that we can’t change in life
we have most the bills paid in advance & stocked up. 👍

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