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Our Gov’t is corrupt


I hope you all are in good health & have been paying attention
to what all has been going on in the Gov’t play ground that don’t
care how they kill us, destroy our lives, turn us into their BANKS.

I’ve been watching a lot of videos on how our Gov’t has turned
our trust into their play ground to Our terror of life & control &
there’s a lot of people who is FED-UP! ! & it’s time to STAND UP.

I knew back when Biden STOLE our white house we were in
SERIOUS TROUBLE & my gut instincts have proven me right
he & all his people who are working with him are not for us.

It’s PAST TIME to spread the word & inform those who are not
informed that the Gov’t is warped to destroy the nation by
killing as many of us as they can through the mandates & lies.


If you haven’t been paying attention to what is going, you should
our truck drivers have been coming together for the people around
the nation from 1 end to the other to join the convoy for FREEDOM.

They have spreading the word of how corrupt & warped our Gov’t
really is & what the Gov’t is doing, it’s PAST TIME we wake up & stop
being SILENCE & join the force to take our FREEDOM BACK from them.

I will post the videos & things I’ve been keeping up with & I BEG you
to take the time to join the fight & spread the word for your rights &
freedom, this world is OUR WORLD! ! ! OUR RIGHTS, OUR FREEDOM.

The links above are just SOME of the things I want to share with you
there the MOST Important LINKS you will not see if the Gov’t hides
them from you & don’t want you to know about what they are doing.

We ALL need to start standing up for our country & freedom & voices
we are the people of the world war of gov’t mandates that they are
killing from newborn’s to the elderly & they Don’t CARE! ! ! about us.

PLEASE the time is NOW to help spread the this to your family & friends
other social networks your on send this to your emails you get & other
blogging sites any & everywhere you can to get the word out to others. <This is the most important link to
watch cause they talk about how corrupt & warped our gov’t is, I
watched this & it will make you cry cause of how SICK they are 😢.

Get your family together to watch this so they will be informed, get
your friends together to watch this so they can be informed set up
a family-friend get together date to show them the REAL TRUTH.

Our VOICE our RIGHTS our FREEDOM our LIVES belong to US! ! ! if
you don’t stand up for your rights freedom lives & voices your in
denial, your in for a rude awakening for the future your living now.


One response to “Our Gov’t is corrupt”

  1. I would like to hear what you all think about this
    on how you feel about what’s going on with the
    convoy, the rally in Calif, the corruption, The more
    conversation we have the more we can get the
    information out to others who don’t know.

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