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Time is getting close

I’m doing just that

Winter is over as far as the cold weather goes Thank God I’m so ready
to get things in action with the cabin & getting the goldfish pond back
outside so I can rearrange the cabin for setting up the 75 gal aquarium.

I have my work cut out for me with getting just them things done cause
it’s not going to be a small easy task in no sense of the word for sure,
my body already knows what’s coming & wants to start acting up. 😞

Don’t worry, I know how much I can do & can’t do by myself, I won’t
over do it cause I know if I do I won’t be able to finish what I want to
get done & I can’t let that happen before I can get it all done, not good.

The 1st thing I have to get done is move to 110 gal stock tank out of the
cabin & that’s going to be the biggest task cause of how much that has
to be done at the start to get it set back up before I can work in the cabin.

Just doing the stock tank setup is a full day of getting it set up off the
floor & getting the water in it & setting the filter tank up then getting
the fish back in the tank & make it winter proof for next winter as well.

The next thing will be working on the cabin with getting the 75 gal tank
up & going, but to do that I have to rearrange the tv-computer area &
the area where the stock tank was, so that’s going to be a full 2 day job.

The tank will take 2 people to move that’s going to be the biggest task
then the rest of the stuff I have to rearrange to get the tv & computer
moved to the other part of the cabin, which will be a big job as well.

That will take a day to get it all set back up again so I may be offline
for a few days till I get everything back up & running good & arranged
then might have to take a few days to get my body back in order again.

The BEST part out of all this will be B-4 I start doing all the above stuff
will be the place will be PAID OFF ! ! ! the 22nd of this month, I’m thrilled
so that’s the best news I have & the rearranging will give me more space.

So I will be busy for a few days-weeks B-4 I can get back on again sorry
but after it’s all done & I get back on here again I will give you a run down
of how it all went (if your interested) but I’m sure glad winter is OVER.

I’m so ready for the warm weather & getting things in motion, it’s been
a long time coming to be where we are in our lives & it feels AWESOME
I’m still looking to get in a better place if all goes good in the next 12 mons.

I hope everyone is getting ready for the warm weather & enjoying life
the best you can, I know it’s not been too enjoying lately with the way
things have been, we just have to look for things to make it better for us.

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