Happy Easter Everyone

I hope everyone who celebrates this holiday had or is having
a great day all day & pray there’s better days ahead for us all
cause, not to bring politics in the blog but we all need Jesus.

My favorite song B-low
Because He lives I can face tomorrow

So today has been the best day of the year, we have everything
we need in faith heart & soul that Jesus knows how things are
& we are to put our heart faith & trust in him “IN GOD WE TRUST

We all have had some tragedies in our lives at some point big &
small it’s how Jesus test our faith & heart to put our trust in him
if you turn him away he turns you away see how that works?

Things happen for a reason & for a season cause that’s how he
works, he controls the earth & everything around it, the moon
sun, wind, rain, winter spring summer & fall as well as life & death.

So I hope you gave some time to the master of the universe & ask
for forgiveness & praise him in songs cause he knows his sheep
& his nonbelievers, we all have a # we just don’t know where it is.

Be blessed to see each day & pray for those living in hard times
cause you never know what lies ahead & without Jesus in our
lives, things could be the worst days of your life you’ve ever had.

The true meaning of Easter

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