Hard at work

There it is, the 110 gal stock tank emptied & out of the cabin
I saved as much water as I could to put back in so I don’t
shock the fish with new water, I got it on the back porch deck.

With what water was in the tank to take out & what water
that was what I call muck water, I saved the mucky stuff
for the aquatic plant’s that’s going to need it in the 75 gal.

All I have to do now is work on filling the 110 gal back up
& get the fish back in it & they’ll be DONE, that’s a day to
get it filled back up & get the filter box going then rest up.

Hubby is going to be working on the 75 gal aquarium stand
out of 2″ thick wall pvc where when I get ready to set up the aquarium I’ll have it right where I want it & not too high. πŸ‘

It will be just as big of job to get it set up cause I have a bunch of
plant’s to take out of the 30 gal long tank that’s not in planters so
I got a lot of 2 liter bottles cut to size the plants are going in, whew.

Once I get both tanks set up (stock tank & aquarium) & totally done
I’ll put a video on here so you can get a good look at all I got done
the way I set both tanks set up will be the last till we get to move. πŸ‘

Right now I’m just taking a break B-4 I start filling up the 110 gal on
the back deck, & that way being tomorrow is Sunday I can rest up
for Monday to let the stock tank filter out & put the fish in Monday.

Then Tues. we have to go get auto tags & some other stuff & back
home where we can work on the small cabinet with a light that’s
going over the aquarium so that will be done & over with & THEN.

I start working on moving my desk with my computer & tv AFTER I
get the 30 gal tank & dog area cleared out of the way I’ll be getting
all that done where I can get everything set up on the other wall.

Once I get all that done, come NEXT Sunday I have another job to
work on at a friends place getting his pond area set up where we
can get his started, we have the pond in the ground got to set up
the filter area & hook it up to the pond & dress up the area, whew.

Then I can sit back & rest up for fishing the rest of the year just to
relax & enjoy the time away from the house & all the work I’ve done
thank God I have plenty of Naproxcin cause I’m going to need it.

Well folks I’ll get back up with you in a few days, you have a great
day & enjoy the outdoors as best you can when you have the chance
cause being cooped up for 6 months sure puts a hurten on the body. 😞

2 responses to “Hard at work”

  1. Wow you did do a lot of work. We have a waterfall/ pond in my backyard that my dad put in. After he passed we moved here and my husband has been improving the pond now for 14 years. We have just regular goldfish but they are big. They even reproduce. Last year we had 12 new fish. All total we have 10 now and we had to give a few to my stepdaughter. At this rate we’re going to need to put in another pond in the front yard!

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    • πŸ’“ I’d love to see a photo of it I finally got me
      a way to take photos outside, I haven’t tried it yet, but & now that I have the pond on the porch I have something to video. πŸ‘ to put on the post.


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