Things are happening abroad


I’m getting things done with the cabin & when I’m done with it I’ll
give you the full scoop of what I had to do to change things around
it wasn’t easy I will tell you that part of it, but nothing is easy in life.

I will have things where it opens up what space I have in here better
where I call home & spend most my time at & be in my own little
world & enjoy all the hard work it took to get it how I set it up.

I’m getting rid of some things that’s taking up space & adding a few
things that will improve the space a lot better & be comfy when it’s
a stay inside day, it will keep my mind busy & my thoughts happy.

But on the OTHER SIDE of life, I can’t help but to listen to what the
world is facing each passing day on how our Gov’t has LITERALLY
with there laws & rules & mandates & LIES.

It’s appalling, degrading, they have put us ALL under the train &
not taking ANY responsibilities for their actions they have caused
the midterms are just around the corner & we need to STEP UP ! !

It’s going to take the WHOLE nation to get them out of OUR W-H
It’s GOING TO TAKE the country to get Gov’t out of our lives & hold
them accountable for the destruction of our country & our lives.

With just these 3 videos I post on here ought to tell you what needs
to be done this coming midterm election, this is a MUST DO THING !
if you are sick & tired of what’s going on then join the party friend.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas faces questions on border policy
House Minority Whip Steve Scalise holds a press conference
Senator Portman, Senate Republicans hold press conference

While your watching the videos read the comments on them as well
cause people are FED-UP & coming up with some crazy stuff on this
mess & this could get VERY interesting, & VERY bad at the same time.

It All depends on who does what when & how WE THE PEOPLE HELP.

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