Getting Things Done

Working with what you have

Sometimes you have days that just lag by when you want to work on things
like it really doesn’t matter when you get it done as long as it GETS done &
then there’s days you want things done like LAST WEEK type stuff, that’s me.

I’m the type person that when I want something done I don’t wait on it, I’m
the type person who goes after what I want in life the best way possible, I’m
the type person who will figure out how to get it done if I have to w/o help.

Some people who know me say I’m too set in my ways about things in life
I let them know I didn’t get this far in life waiting for things to get done, I
did what I needed to do no matter what it took to do what needed done.

I’m not 1 to put on hold with things, am I pushy? I CAN BE, “but” in a way
that I’m not rude but SUDDEL, 1st I ask, 2nd I drop hints, 3rd I do it myself
& here’s the trick, when you start doing it yourself, then you get the help.

So if you read my last blog on “Things are happening abroad” then you
know what this blog is referring to about getting things done, Well folks
I have not 1 but 2 projects just about done, liking a few missing pieces. 👍

1 is the “light 💡 shelf/cabinet” 2 is the pvc pipe aquarium stand, the 2
main things that are a MUST DO & HAVE things to get the other stuff I’m
doing done B-4 the hot summer days arrive, I’m on a MISSION everyday.

Once I get them 2 projects set up I can move on to the rest of the things
I have to work on & folks let me say this, I wish I could just twinkle my
nose or eyes or something snap my fingers & it’d be done, not this time.

But it’s O.K. it’s no big deal, I knew what was involved when I started this
process & it won’t take me long to get it done once I get started on it &
it will be the LAST time I will be moving the cabin around for a long while.

It’s not cause I can’t, it’s cause the way I set it up that’s the BEST place for
the 75 gal Aquarium to be, where it can’t get hit or ran into by my 2 dogs
when their running back & forth through the cabin or bouncing around.

Not only those reasons but I wanted a new look & a change to get a new
vibe & nothing better to do that than changing things around & a good
size aquarium to top it all off where at night it’s a whole new feeling.

When all is quite & still, it’s just so peaceful to work at night with the
tank lights on & the shimmer of the water with the sound of the water
It sets the the mood so easy that you can’t help but to get lost with it.

Even though it’s just going to have aquatic plant’s in it, it’s well worth
the $ & time it will take to get it all set up & going to enjoy it everyday
& night when I’m in the working mood to be up late at night online.

Well folks, I hope I didn’t bore you, but I thought maybe you would
like to know how far I’ve gotten with my rearranging the cabin out &
so far not too much has been done, but I’m getting closer day by day.

My NEXT big task will be the yard getting stuff in the fire pit burned
the yard mowed, the flowers worked on, the compost bin turned &
some replanting done, & God knows what will be next on my list.

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