I hate being put off or ignored or not
taken serious when it comes to things
that HAVE TO BE DONE ! like getting a deed/title to your property, or getting
a place that is being remodeled & taking FOR EVER! !

I’ve called for the past 2 months
on getting the title to the place
I’m at & all I’m getting told is,
we are working on it, B-💩 I don’t see how it’s taking THIS
to get the title done, I’m tired of the ? LIES. 😠

If I had of known it was going to take this long I would have called
in DEC, to get this started but here we are wondering what the
holdup is, I’m going to call the county clerk office & see if I can’t get
some answers or find out what needs to be done & what I need to do.

For the OTHER thing that has me in a “what’s the holdup” mood is the
place we have been looking at way back LAST YEAR & it’s not being
worked on, the person that has the place is taking his sweet time
W-T-? they know we are INTERESTED in getting it but it’s like, oh well.

I’m starting to wonder is something else going on that we are missing
or not seeing, why are the 2 MAIN THINGS in our lives being held up? ?
there’s no leans on either places everything is PAID (our property) I’m
wondering what do I need to do to get this in ACTION to get it DONE.

Have any of you been in this situation? you trying to get out of 1 place
to get in another place & can’t do neither 1 cause nothing is going right
it’s enough to drive a crazy person slap off their rocker, I’m OVER IT ! !
I’m not 1 for fun & games when it comes to these kind of things in life.

If we were in our early years it wouldn’t be so bad, but we’re NOT & ⏰
isn’t on our side, We’d like to get out of the WOODS & have a decent
happy life of what we have left & not waste what time we have left
we feel like no 1 gives a hoot & could care less about what we want.

How do you stay POSITIVE when nothing you need done is getting
done ? & you feel like no 1 gives a crap? cause it’s not them that’s
going through what we are, nothing in our lives have EVER went
right so why should this be any damn different that’s where we are!

3 responses to “WHAT’S THE HOLDUP?”

  1. That’s frustrating. I’ve had times like you described but not having to do with a house or property. Back in 2020, SSA said we owed quite a bit of money because my husband made over what he was supposed to. When he retired out of his state job he received overtime pay that amounted to a lot of money and that is what threw the figures off. So we tried to call SSA but no answer or it said there offices were closed due to covid19. We went down there / closed. We had a time limit and it was getting close so we contacted our congressman. As soon as it got in his hands it stopped the time clock which was good but it still took a few months all due to covid19. Finally by the end of 2020, it was resolved. We were right. They were wrong. Maybe check with your county supervisor or whatever for help. That’s what they are there for – to serve us!

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    • Yea I called our county courthouse about it
      & I videoed what they had to say & I’m THINKING about putting it on the persons answering machine so they KNOW I’m tired of waiting & being put off.


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