Getting things done

Table top for 75 gal aquarium

Well folks we are getting things done 1 step at a time, we have the aquarium stand completed finally, I’m enthused how it turned out
it’s not your everyday seen everywhere type aquarium stand. (diy)

I come up with the idea of making a pvc pipe aquarium table yea
you read that right BUT, it’s not even 2ft tall & just 5 ft long so how
GOOD will this work? I used 2in THICK WALL pvc pipe measured, cut
& put it together, & we got a small roll of metal strapping & screwed
them into the underside of the counter top table, to keep it tight

None of the pvc piping is glued, but is SCREWED together & the
table is strapped to the pvc frame & the table top is SCREWED
into the wall, So if my 110 gal STOCK TANK can sit on the 1 I had
made for it & hasn’t fell & NOT screwed to the wall or strapped
like the 75 gal aquarium table is, then I “SHOULD BE” safe right?

Next project is the aquarium CABINET that will be going OVER it
yea, Oh boy, don’t get me wrong, I trust my husbands carpentry
work but “SOMETIMES” he makes me think extra hard when I have
him do stuff for GLASS BOX’S, like the stand for it, but things going
OVER the aquarium is a WHOLE different ballgame in my book o.k?

So I have to be on MY TOES cause he doesn’t give me credit when I
suggest things (it’s a man thing) so I came up with the size cabinet
I wanted cause it’s just for the fish food & tools for aqua scaping so
there’s nothing going in it to weigh it down, it’s 5 ft long & a ft tall.

I’m painting it solid black with a glossy urethane coating over it so
it stands out to match the aquarium & there’s going to be a 4 ft
led light under the cabinet that will give the plants good lighting
I could have made a tank cover to go on the aquarium but I rather
have a cabinet instead, so it’s light & easy to move, BUT mounting
it is going to be the HUM? so will THAT be my main worry? possible.

The light that’s going to be attached to the cabinet isn’t that heavy
so that won’t be a problem & it will look great cause it’s black too
He has like 4 shelf brackets on it but they won’t match up with the
studs in the wall so THAT concerns me, they will have to be offset.

I’m in the process of making a video of how this all came together
& once everything is done, up & running I’ll put it on here for you
to see & MAYBE get inspired to think what you can make with pvc
the MAIN thing to remember is think 1st, vision 2nd, research 3rd.

Here is the video where I made the 110 gal stock tank stand & it
holds it in place & no worries about it falling apart that’s why I
made another 1 for the 75 gal aquarium to sit on cause it’s the
cheap & easy way to go not to mention a lot lighter to move.

110 gal stock tank

Stock tank 100 gals = 834.54 lbs. VS 75 gals aquarium 850 lbs. BUT
here is the DIFFERENCE between the 2, 1 is a thick rubber container
the other 1 is a GLASS box, 850 lbs. aquarium water weight not the
weight of everything else going in the tank, mainly the gravel weight.

So with the water & gravel weight combined I’m looking at ABOUT
around or over 900 lbs. cause this is just to grow aquatic plant’s
& they will be in 2 liter bottles to grow separately in the bottles
that MEANS there’s not going to be that much weight added to it.

The bottles will have 3 inches of substrate in each 1 & the tank will
be bare, so am I worried something could go wrong? with us anything
is possible, but I’m always on top of what COULD happen & tackle it
B-4 it happens if I can, that’s why I have hubby do things I need done.

Well that’s going to be it for now & hopefully the next post will have
everything completed, set up & going for you to see what it all looks
like, I can’t wait, it’s going to be AWESOME! ! & it’s all off my vision &
there’s no 1 else that has this setup like I do But that may change after
I put the video up on my channel for everyone to see & “TRY” to copy it.

So folks till next time, you all keep your mind sharp & your lives safe
do what you can with what you have & never settle for 2nd best in life
always look for brightest stars & reach as high & far the best you can.

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