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This is CRAZY !


I hope your paying close attention to what is going on in your state
cause rather you know it or not we are being INVADED with illegal
immigrants by the 1000’s & it’s going to wipeout Americans big time.

This is a invasion of our country by none other than BOZO JOE & the
nutty left that’s causing this just so they can be RE-ELECTED for MORE
insanity, this is going to RUIN EVERYONE’S LIVES you can believe that.

I can’t even try to tell you how bad this is going to get it’s so horrible
all young & old will feel the suffering from this horrendous craziness
if people had been PAYING ATTENTION to what trump was saying this
wouldn’t be happening cause he would still be in office & we wouldn’t
be where we are today, you get what you pay for & this is what we got.

Just in these 3 videos ALONE ought to be telling you what’s going on with
our so called president in office right now, this isn’t a joke people its here
it’s going to effect EVERY SINGLE 1 AROUND THE GLOBE babies & the old.

If you’re not prepared & ready then you’re going to wish you was cause
everything is going to be more scarce to get & a LOT HARDER to live with
this is the END of the time where you have no choice but to PREPARE.

The lady is talking cold hard facts about what is ahead & if you’re not
willing to take heed to get yourself ready for it then there’s no 1 to blame
but yourself, I’ve tried everything I know to warn you this was coming.

I’ve been stocking up for the past 4 yrs, do I have everything we need? no
I don’t have enough dog food for 6 med-large dogs cause I don’t have any
where to put it, do I have enough supplies stored back? I have enough to
get by on but not enough to last 6 months but have enough beans & rice
that we can survive with & flour & powered milk, we’ll have to make do.

I hope you think about what is ahead & pay attention to what is going on
cause no matter what you think it’s heading to your area no matter where
you are, this is the end of easy living you better start listening & watching.

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