American people are rising up

America is waking up

I’ve always thought that if we the people needed a hand to change the laws
of the gov’t something like this would rise above to take the challenge to
make a stand & American people would rise together this is AWESOME.

This video is just 1 of many of the videos I’ve watched & it’s 1 of many that’s
the best rallies they have had, this is what AMERICAN PEOPLE is all about
that are fighting for EVERY 1’S RIGHT TO FREEDOM & growing everyday.

I wish I could join them but I can’t so I watch them everyday to keep up
with where they are & where they’re heading, they were in Indiana the
other day & we didn’t get the chance to go to meet them like I wanted.

I hope you take the time to listen to this video cause they talked about
what they are doing & why they are growing in leaps & bounds everyday
if you have ever wondered what the peoples convoy is about watch it.

I didn’t think they were going to pull it off, but they have rolled from Calif
to Washington DC & back again they are hitting every state along the way
they are the back bone of AMERICA to let others know what they’re about

Trucker G, reads a poem that says it all that is WELL WORTH listening to &
if you love your rights & freedom & country, you have to give everyone of
these people the gratitude they deserve for fighting for our country & laws

You can learn a lot more just by listening to the videos they have everyday
this is why I watch them daily cause while they are driving they are talking
about a lot of other things that concerns American people around the world

For those that haven’t heard about the PEOPLES CONVOY watch the video I
share with you & please help share it with others that don’t know about
them & what it’s all about, this is your COUNTRY & Your FREEDOM & rights.

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