Going back in time

2nd guessing life

You ever have times in life when you have to 2nd guess what’s going on
to what you want done & you flip flop on what you have to do? well folks
if you don’t that might not be a bad thing, & if you do, then I’m with ya.

I’m always 2nd guessing things, cause of the lifestyle I’ve grown up in
it’s taught me a lot in life on how to survive the hell I’ve lived through
& I follow my instincts (gut feeling) So I have a gift that I rely on in life.

I wrote a blog a few days ago titled getting things done & if you missed
it here is the post > getting things done < hit it & the page will come up
Well folks I’ve got it set up & running, just haven’t done the video yet.

I’ve been tinkering with other things b-4 I made the video cause I want
the whole area set up with everything in place, so I’m at the 1/2 way mark
the other 1/2 is moving the tv-computer area to another wall area to work.

I’m hoping that the video turns out, I’m no pro, but I do try my best in what
I do when it comes to sharing things I do in life, so I thought I’d give you a
update on what’s going on with moving the cabin around for a better setup.

Cause the whole point of the idea is to show how I grow my aquatic plant’s
& why I decided to set everything up like I’m doing, cause it’s time for a
change in life, & do something different for awhile, we all need a change.

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