I’m tired of WAITING ! ! !

I’ve never had anything go easy or smooth for me in life
I’ve always been taken advantage of in 1 way or another
& I’m SICK & TIRED OF IT ! ! so it’s time that changes NOW.

It’s been a full month since I tried to get our place paid
off & I’ve been put on the fence with the people that has
to get the ball going & I’ve been patient & too damn nice.

Now its time to light a fire under some 1’s rear to let them
know I’m tired of waiting & tired of the b-s & excuses, SO
I’m writing them a letter, but the more I write the madder
I get when it SHOULDN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY 😠 but it has.

I wrote a blog about this May 10th & here it is May the 18th
when you’re trying to NOT get stressed & day after day goes
by you can’t help but to get stressed & when I get stressed
I get mad & when I get mad I’m not good to be around 💥.

I don’t have a printer cause if I did, I’d use it to write these
people & give them a good piece of my mind of my thoughts
& see if that don’t make them get things done, but I don’t. 😞

I don’t have any 1 close around that I could ask to write it for
me or I would, & I know this is out of the ORDINARY to be asked
but is there SOME 1 who would like to write this letter for me ?

If You have a printer you could copy it & not even write it, I just
need it to be readable & that’s not in me nor will it ever be as
long as I’m sitting on the fence & nothing is being or getting DONE.
MR. CHARLES, I don’t like having to write these types of letters just
to get your ATTENTION, but you leave me no other choice, I’ve been
patient, I’ve been nice, but it’s not getting anything done right now.

So I’m done being patient, nice, & WAITING I’m tired of the holdups
the game playing STOPS HERE ! ! ! I’m done waiting & wasting time
I’m getting a hold of a lawyer as you’re reading this I’m done playing.

You & Vickie has held me up LONG ENOUGH ! ! I’m not going to let this
drag on any longer there’s no sense to make me & hubby wait as LONG
as we have cause you can’t get your 💩together in a ⏰ly fashion. 😠

I know how long it takes to get a deed done & it doesn’t take no MONTH
to get it signed & in the persons hands to get it turned over to the owners
there’s no excuse for this & there’s no reason you can give us for the B-S.

I told you I have the $ & you made me a PROMISE to get this done, but you
have lagged around LONG ENOUGH that I’m tired of waiting & calling just to
listen to more excuses & lies! ! you have 48 hrs as of TODAY to have it DONE.
If you have a way to copy this it would be a HUGE help, I will send you a stamped envelope to mail it to me & I can get this part of my mission done
you don’t have to put your address on the envelope if you don’t want to.

If You want to help me with this here is my email address you can contact
me for this > harrelsongayle13@gmail.com title the email> “Letter for deed
& I will give you my address to mail it back so I can mail it to them, thank U.

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