Man O Man what happen ?

Well folks it looks like the peoples convoy has been duped
by the “ORGNIZERS, yea you read that right it’s a shame too
I’ve been going through videos getting the scoop of it all.

Please excuse the language, but from what I’ve been watching
& hearing they have a right to be P-Oed, I would be as well &
I’m sure you would be too if this was your $ & they did this.

This video explains everything of how all this took place & now
is where it is, this is so disturbing to the followers & donors &
the people in the convoy, I’m sure glad we didn’t get involved.

Let me know if the video loads or not, it SHOULD but you
never know, it’s a 5hr & 34 min video the 1st hr will tell the
story of how this happened & how people are ticked off.

But PLEASE don’t stop watching cause 21 mins LATER it gets
REALLY SERIOUS with the group & things are exposed in the
open & all hell breaks loose, so this is how things get crazy.

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