What’s going on People?


The place is PAID OFF Thank God ! ! it’s not the place I
was hoping to pay off in my life of living my life out
but none the less it’s a place to call home for NOW.
That gives us a extra 500$ a month to save back &
my extra 500$ I can put with it save 1000$ a month
for ANOTHER 1 acre place we’ve been looking at.

Why buy another place? well it’s very SIMPLE, we
live on a hill & it’s hard for us to care for the 3 dogs
we have cause it’s on a down hill slope & other things.
Our age is another reason & the area around us is
nothing more than just junkie PEOPLE that’s killing
the housing market for the area to sell our place.

Our place in the past 10 years went from 50.000 to
26.000 with 6 lots, I CAN’T WAIT to get another place
away from here the SOONER THE BETTER I want OUT!
But we are going to hold off awhile till we build up
our savings for the next 12 months & go from there
with the 6.000 in savings & another 12.000 added?

That will give us 18.000 to work with on another place
DEPENDING on how things look at that time, 12 mons
from now, & how we look $ wise, & the economy too.
With things like they are in both $ & economy areas
we don’t DARE to jump into a unstable situation without
weighing the odds, we have learned how that works.

So in the PROCESS OF waiting things out, we’ll be working
on other things to help the time go a little faster for us
we’re saving for a utility trailer, so we have it to use later.
Hope to be getting it in the next 2 mons & it will used to
haul the aluminum cans off after the prices dropped off &
we can use it for getting stuff we need for new dog pens.

Hubby is thinking of turning the trailer into our little fishing
trailer after we’re done moving when the time comes & that
would be awesome cause it wouldn’t be just sitting around.

I’m ALSO THINKING OF Something ELSE but that’s in another
blog to read, & it has to do with the 75 gal aquarium I bought
a few months back, & thinking of taking it down till we move.

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