it’s Rude to interrupt people in conversation

Nothing more gets on my last nerve than people jumping in a
conversation before their asked, or when you are talking to
that person & they cut you off right in the middle & ramble.

I hate being rude to people BUT SOMETIMES you have no choice
cause it gets very annoying when the person KEEPS DOING IT ! !
& after a while you get tired of trying to say anything at all.

We all can’t talk at the same time to understand what is being
said or hear what the other person is saying to get a word in
edge wise cause some people think they have to over talk you.

I have someone that it NEVER FAILS everytime I call him to try
to explain something he has a BAD HABIT of cutting me off &
I’m going to put a STOP to it by making a shirt that says this

Stop INTERRUPTING me ! that’s going to be the 1st thing he’ll
when I go to his place which is not that often, but enough
to where it’s not long after I get the pond done, won’t be at all.

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