I can’t deal with stupid people

I’m DONE talking !

I hope you don’t have to deal with people that don’t understand
how simple they could live if they would listen to the 1’s that’s
living a simple life & trying to explain how they could do it too.

I have tried a 100 times in so many ways to help this person &
all he says is I don’t know how that works, O M G ! ! it’s SIMPLE
if you get so much $ a month you figure out your LOWEST BILLS.

You take so much of your $ & put it on that bill (a 6 mon pymt)
say your water bill is 50$ like mine is with (2) meters 6 X 50 is?
300$ that gives you 50 EXTRA $ EVERY MONTH for 6 mons right ?

What could you do with that extra 50 $ every month? buy extra
food, save it till the next month to make it a 100$, that’s what we
did & we did the same thing with our trash bill it DOES HELP.

How hard is that to understand? but yet this person wants to
pull on my LAST STRING OF NERVES to see how P off he can
make me & he KNOWS I’m not 1 to play with, not a good thing.

I’m not 1 that takes life as a game I try to help any & every 1
I can with how to get by as cheap & simple as I can but if
they don’t want to take life serious then there’s no hope.

I’ve tried to explain to this person how bad things are & he
don’t see the concept of what I’m telling him cause he never
gets out to see for himself & depends on others to do for him.

Why on earth did I EVER get involved with this person? WHY!
cause that’s the kind of person I am, thinking I can help them
but it seems as I’m fighting a losing battle every time I try.

I never thought I’d see the day when I couldn’t help some 1
no matter what it was, I’ve always been 1 to see a way out of
something in life, I guess it’s not that way with stupid people.

I don’t mean to be so aggressive towards people but there
comes a time when you can only take so much & you can’t
help but to lose your compassion to help other people.

This is when I have to go & do something constructive like
go dig a hole or chop a few trees down or do something
that I can take my frustrations out on to ease my temper.

It doesn’t help to be Indian Irish German & sweetish & the
sign of the bull all mixed together & some 1 pushes the
wrong buttons to see how stressed they can make you.

My Husband has tried that & he knows how that went &
knows how bad things can get when I have had ENOUGH
so he watches what & how he says things to keep the peace.

I’m not a violent person, to take my anger out on people
but if they keep pushing me I just walk away & go find or
do something to take the edge off cause I know how I am.

I’m a person who doesn’t mind helping others, will give my
last dollar to help others, but I’m not going to be played by
stupid people that don’t care or doesn’t want to learn.

I can’t hang like that sorry, I’m 1 that doesn’t like to argue &
fight, I’m not 1 that likes repeating myself over & over, I’m not
1 that can deal with people who doesn’t want to listen & learn.

If you are the same way as I am I know what you are dealing
with, it’s not easy to be humble & easy going when you deal
with people that don’t get what you are trying to do for them.

I’ve Had It !

4 responses to “I can’t deal with stupid people”

  1. You remind me of my wife, and one of my daughters. They felt it was their responsibility to advise and or fix everyone else. It’s a good thing and shows you have a caring heart. But you don’t have to continue over and over. Once is enough, in my opinion…..The same advice I give my famiy and friends.

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  2. Yep, I’ve had people like that in my life and the bad thing about it, is it sours me in wanting to help others who genuinely need it.

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