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This is going to be hard to grasp but this is reality, hope your ready.
Let this sink in your head cause it’s HERE ! ! !

I hate to be the 1 to say I told you this was coming, but I tried, well it’s here
just when you never thought something like this couldn’t happen it HAS 😢
Just when we were HOPING to get on top of things has now vanished, poof💨gone. It makes me sick this is happening, not to a few people but every 1.

We have been keeping CLOSE EYES & EARS open to the news daily since
Trump got in office 2016 & God almighty showed us the warning signs that
was coming & to get prepared, well I take what God says to heart & Obey.

I moved out of the Trailer (Mobil home) into the 24 x 24 ft cabin to live in
so we could have the extra room for a food pantry & it’s not too big but
big enough for what we eat & need, thank God we have what we have.

Hubby lives in the Mobil home & he’s my front door & I live in the back
where we take turns sleeping so we each have our own ph. # to keep in
touch & our own place, we live in the woods & the last place on the
road so being we don’t invite people over we don’t worry a whole lot.

We had already set plans to wait till 2025 to find a better place but after
hearing this (above videos) Glad we were shown the signs to stay put
cause it’s going to be a HARD ROAD for those that’s moving right now.

We went through 1 housing market crash we couldn’t handle another 1
at our age, it would be stupid to even THINK ABOUT MOVING unless we
had the FULL PAY OFF IN HAND out the gate, that would be the ONLY WAY
I’d move, other wise we can make due by staying where we are 4-now.

If it wasn’t for how things are right now would I move? hell yes in a 💓beat
but we’ve learned to weigh our options a lot more careful & slower ha ha ha
& we have learned to not jump as soon as we get the chance like we use to
we also knew this was coming & knew it was best to just wait it out.

But I have other worries that don’t sit right & that’s DOG FOOD that has
TRIPLED & with 6 dogs it takes almost 200 lbs. a month to keep them
fed on a 24-7 feeder setup but can’t find the feed that I get for them
I’m not at all liking that 1 bit & have to buy more EXPENSIVE FEED 😠

So if you haven’t been listening or paying attention you had better
start cause Time has now RAN OUT & EVERYTHING is risen in price
from A-Z & this isn’t going away any time soon so you better wake up.

2 responses to “LET THIS SINK IN”

  1. I hear you about the dog food. My dog’s brand was out at the store so we were forced to change up her diet. I’ll take in less food for myself to feed my dog. And if I have to, my cat can get canned tuna which I have on hand. Yes, we’ve not seen anything yet. This coming fall and winter will be rough. God bless!

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    1. I hear ya, it’s going to make people realize
      what’s happening to do something & it’s
      going to be 10 x’s worse than if they had
      of been doing 6 mons ago B-4 it got this
      bad that everything is 10 X’s higher now.


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