Just HAD to get it DONE

Digging in hard dirt isn’t easy

Saturday was a great day for a LONG walk to work
on the pond for the day, the walk was about a mile
& the work was rearranging & digging dirt all day.

The rearranging part was redesigning the ponds
yea there’s a S on the end of pond cause we (I)
got to looking at it & the space & decided on (2).

WHAT WAS I THINKING? ? knowing I was going to
be the main 1 doing most the work but a little help
wouldn’t hurt being I’m trying to help HIM OUT.

I don’t mind working by myself but when you have
(2) holes to prepare 2 people could work together
but I seen that wasn’t going to be the case, oh well.

He rather watch someone work than to give them a
hand & I’m the opposite I’d rather help than watch
& I told him 2 people could knock this out in no time.

But did he get the concept? NO, but that’s what I get
for trying to be nice, I donate to get the stuff he needs
to have a nice pond & I end up doing most the work.

In stead of writing it in the blog I decided I’d just
make a video to show & tell you what all I’m doing
so you don’t get lost in the confusion of it all.

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