The time has come ðŸ˜±

working on the pond

No this isn’t the pond I’m doing right now
but it MAY BE 1 For the FUTURE for my own.

Tomorrow is Thursday & it will be a little bit
Cooler to work in digging more dirt & stuff
I can work circles around the person I’m
doing this for & he knows it but oh well.

I found a light weight pick ax hubby has &
I know that will knock the hell out of that
dirt getting it moved & in a HURRY 👍 YEA.

That’s going to be my MAIN goal to get the
holes dug & finished by the end of this mon
rather I get the help or not it WILL GET DONE.

Now for the rest of the story (Paul Harvey)
no, just a few things I have on my mind I’d
like to share here with you & add my thoughts.

Do you feel the Vibes in the air ? I do

I see the fears & suffering & pain people
are dealing with that is effecting normal
life from the $ they have, to the living
conditions they are suffering with now.

I had a life in the same fashion when I
was young & on my own with no where
to go or call home & no $ to live on 😞

I know how it felt then & it hasn’t
changed for those whose dealing
with it now, it’s just different people.

Our so called GOV’T is out to lunch
which isn’t really lunch but OUT OF
with what’s going on.

Fed Chairman Powell testifies before Senate Banking committee

I would really like to be a fly on the wall watching this
unfold & be the 1 to “BUG” them through out the room
putting some advice in their ears just to change things.

Their not suffering like the rest of us are & that’s the
BIG ELEPHANT in the room of these politicians, cause
they have no CLUE how bad people are suffering. 😢

Our $ is shrinking, the economy is in the toilet & our
government doesn’t have a CLUE AS why this isn’t
working like he thought it would, this isn’t funny.

Look At how sad this man looks how pitiful & run
down he is, this is pure insanity abuse of POWER
from A-Z across the board & it’s really HORRIBLE.

For those who haven’t been where this nation is
heading or learned about it, I have something
that will help you understand what it’s all about.

I’ve been preparing for this for the past
few years now JUST B-4 Trump was out
of office & started stocking up for it.

We learned a long time ago how to save
on food & $ as this isn’t our 1st time we
went through this & it costs us everything.

So if you want to learn a few tricks on
how to be ready & how to have enough
& save your $ & how to cook & eat cheap
all it takes is you tube & ACTION together.

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