Happy Monday Folks

It’s been a heck of a week on my side of the world
if it’s not been 1 thing it’s been another 1 after another
I don’t know how many of you keep or have had fish
as pets, but I raise them to feed my aquatic plant’s.

Common Goldfish

I have 9 of them & I keep them in a 110 gal stock tank
I did keep them on the back deck under shade trees
but being the tank is black & rubber that doesn’t go
so good when the temps get over the 80’s & higher.

I thought it would be safe for them outdoors under
a good shade with a pitched tarp cover but I guess
I was wrong, not thinking about the tank it’s self of
being black & rubber, when I seen the water 85 😱.

Yes I panicked & went into over drive to get them in
I didn’t want them to be killed by the heat cause
I didn’t think that the tank would get that hot &
under all day shade, but I do now, so that’s out.

Well I thought with just having “9 goldfish” they
would be alright in the 75 gal aquarium, NOPE
I got it cleaned out & put the plant’s I had in it
into another 110 gal stock tank & that would do.

cause for more than 1 reason, 1 the time to take
all the plant’s out & fill the stock tank & empty
the aquarium took ALL DAY! ! & that’s a big job.

# 2 The next day, I refilled the aquarium & then
started on getting the goldfish out of the stock
tank into the 75 gal aquarium, that was pretty
easy, then started empty the 110 gal stock tank.

That’s when I noticed something I have never
had happen B-4, & that was they SPAWNED! !
& again I panicked not knowing what to do I
left what water was still in the tank in there.

So day 3 of all this, I woke up & noticed the
aquarium water was cloudy & I’m like w-t-?
& seen 3 “other fish” had died & I was lost
on what could have caused this to happen?

Yep you got it, I panicked AGAIN so I went
into OVERDRIVE to get the goldfish out of
the aquarium, but where could I put them?
well it was BACK to where do I go from here?

I had a blue rubber trash can (33 gal) & filled
it up with CLEAN WATER & put the fish into it
with a air hose & my work was cut out for me
emptying BOTH the aquarium & the S-TANK.

Day 4, I empty the aquarium 1st so I can get
the plant’s back in it, Then clean the aquarium
so I know nothing will happen to them & get
it back in order with all the plants again whew.

The 2nd part of the day was empty the stock
tank & clean it out to refill it 1/2 way to get
the fish out of the trashcan to get them in
a bigger area till I could move THEIR s-tank.

Day # 5, I was wore-out, but I knew I had to get
the goldfish back in their own tank ASAP! so I
had to get on the task of getting THEIR tank
in it’s place & getting it set back up THAT DAY.

That task of getting them BACK into their tank
was my MAIN MISSION for the day, if it took all
day then that’s what I would be doing ALL DAY
yes it was a all day job getting it set up & going.

I got everything back in order with both tanks
the goldfish are in their original stock tank &
the plants are back in the aquarium all is DONE.

What about the eggs they had? well I don’t think
they’ll make it this round but it’s alright cause I
don’t have a place where I can raise them in here
but if they happen to spawn again I’ll try it then.

But even though I panicked like I did, I now know
they would have been fine outside, cause that’s
what made them spawn in the 1st place & I didn’t
think about it till I spent 5 days resetting them up.

That’s what I call a lot of work to find out later I
could have just left them alone & everything
would have been fine, but I didn’t want to take
that chance being I’ve had them for 2 yrs already.

So NOW I know what to expect & do if & when
they spawn again I will be ready for it & MAYBE
get lucky to have some baby goldfish 1 day 👍

So I don’t think we’ll be looking for babies this
year, if all works out we hope to have a place
in the next 3 yrs if not sooner & have a place
I can start raising goldfish & aquatic plant’s.

I hope you enjoyed the story of how my week
went & I didn’t ware you out in the process of
reading my story, being it was a bit exhausting
doing everything I had to do to get it in order.

7 responses to “Happy Monday Folks”

  1. Very stressful story.
    You are talking of me being exhausted while you are the one that supposed to be exhausted.
    You really had a hectic week.

    You can make it easier next time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You for stopping by with
      your comment yea it was a
      exhausted week for sure, but
      thank god I got it all back in
      order again, I just hope it STAYS
      that way for a good while.

      That’s a lot of work with emptying
      & refilling & shuffling things around
      to make it all work like you want.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks goodness you have got back in order again.
        Of course, it will stay for a very good while.

        You are welcome ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hopefully if all goes right & nothing goes
          stupid this is going to be their new home
          till or if we get lucky to move 🙏- 🤞

          Liked by 1 person

  2. We have BIG goldfish in our outside pond. It is lined with a heavy-weight pool liner that is black. We’ve never had a problem with the outside temps and the water. We have hot dry summers – right now it is 112. The fish go deep, where it is cooler. We’ve never lost a fish due to the heat.

    Maybe it’s different when it is in a tub. I don’t know.

    Last year our fish laid eyes – and we ended up with 20-30 little ones. We gave what we could away and some just naturally don’t make it – now we have about 18 little ones that are getting big. I want them to stop that – we have enough. No hanky panky in the pond!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by with your comment, yea with a
      stock tank like I have it does get warm & it’s different from
      a deep pond, & as for them having babies that’s normal for
      them when the water gets up to a certain temp to lay them.

      I found that the water has to be around or above 80 is what
      makes them spawn I like to keep mine about 70-75 at least
      but when the tank got up in the 80’s & over they spawned.

      So just keep in mind when the water gets around 80+ they
      will spawn there’s no stopping it, if you have a local fish store
      maybe they would take some or let them get big enough for
      fish bait that’s what mine are but I saved them to raise.


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