If you ever see something like this KILL IT ! ! ! I just seen 1 in my place
& she had eggs a BIG BATCH of them under her belly & MASSIVE SIZE
talk about being creeped out, I may just sleep at hubby’s place tonight.

I hit it with wasp spray & ant & roach spray & peroxide & still took it
for ever to knock it down from where it was, man I HATE SPIDERS 😠
I also hate living in the woods where all kinds of creatures live at.

Here is the info on these nasty looking monsters that creep around
in places you may want to be careful about & around, hubby had 1
in his shed last week & if I hadn’t told him about it he’d gotten bit.

Be very careful & observant of your surroundings in & outdoors

I knew a person that no matter where or what she did she was always
getting bit by spiders, & to this day I am O-C-D about them, it don’t
matter what kind it is, I want NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM ! ! !

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