Happy Friday Friends

Where does the time go ? man, it feels like Friday
was just here & here it is AGAIN ! time just flys by
I was going to work a few days on the pond BUT ?

Well 1 thing lead to another & the weather isn’t
right & you know how it is & poof the whole idea
went right past us, so this WEEK we did something.

We went to a place where some flag stone were &
got the last crate they had for 275$ a 1/2 crate of
flag stone which is flat rocks for patios & ponds.

So being it’s a 1/2 crate it’s going to be for the
waterfall area & some around the pond to off
set the other rocks around the area to help it
go around the whole pond area, to cover & hold
the liner, but it’s going to be some time
consuming work, so depending on the weather
we MIGHT get this done by next month or
next year, it all depends on the help & weather.

We have everything we need JUST ABOUT we
still need the top cover to put on which is in
the works & the river rock & pea gravel too
that’s on the list of supplies we are working on.

I’ll keep you up dated with how it’s going but
as far as a video I MIGHT get lucky to get 1 it’s
not a for sure thing right now but we’ll see.

I can tell you it’s holding water from when I
filled it a month ago so I know that’s working
now it’s the time consuming work to get it done.

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