Another weekend here & gone

It’s been a heck of a weekend for us with the weather & all
we have been busy working on a few things that’s been put
on the sidelines long enough, so we got them done & over.

We got the outside cabin wall redone so rain doesn’t find
it’s way in on heavy down pours, hubby got the junk pile
cleaned up under the awning where the car gets parked.

We have the utility trailer getting loaded to get rid of a
lot of stuff to clean the yard up since we don’t recycle
stuff that we’ve been storing back to cash in for extra $.

The weather has been crazy, cool 1 day hot the next, rain
a few days hot & muggy a few days, just hard to work with
I was going to try & work on the pond but that didn’t work.

So in a few days it’s going to be bill day & that’s a full day
so not much going on there, so MAYBE after that I can look
at getting some decent weather to work on the pond a bit.

But as normal we’ll have to wait & see how it goes cause
it’s only going to get harder to get it done the longer it
takes to get the stuff we need, cause it’s seasonal supplies.

That means when the season is over for stuff like this
so is the supplies you need to get the job done as well
SO being we don’t need a lot of stuff it is what it is.

Right now we are waiting on the cover for the top to
get here & then we need to get the stuff for that to
be put up & then we can work on putting the rocks in.

Being we done filled the pond up once, the NEXT fill up
I hope to be when we flush it out & that be the end of
it, but I can see it’s holding water from when I filled it.

But once we can get back to it again we should be in
the ball park to getting it completed to flush it & to
fill it for the LAST TIME & let it sit for a few months.

It’s going to be time consuming, but we don’t have
anything else going on in our lives so this will give
us something to do & look forward to when its done.

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