Can Things change for the better?

We are in a world of insanity where you can’t go or do anything in life
without being killed in a shooting no matter where you are these days
in a fast food place, work, stores, the streets it’s not safe anywhere.

Your kids aren’t safe going to school but yet people still put them in
schools, no 1 is safe, no matter where you are or where you go it’s
just a matter of when & where & who, PLEASE be careful in places.

Anywhere you go always be on the look out for exits you can get to
always be on the look out for hiding places you can run to hide at
always keep your eyes & ears open of people around you, stay safe.

I videoed this just so you can see what I’m talking about is REAL
This is why we need change & why things are like they are today

I PRAY you watch BOTH videos cause they both have important stuff
to know about & how bad things are getting & going to get in the future
it’s a upside down world we all are living in right now & it’s getting worse.

This is why we are not safe, this is why things are getting worse for us all

I keep saying I can’t wait till Nov but is that even going to make a change?
we keep hearing about the REDWAVE but who is it going to be to make the
change of how this national crisis of events going to be changed over time?

It’s not up to us anymore, it’s up to the people that RUN THIS COUNTRY ! ! !
we voting for a man that had our backs but instead we ended up with a
man that should be in a rest home to run the country down the tubes.

This is JUST WHAT I’m talking about right here, listen REAL CLOSE cause
this is where we are with the midterms just around the corner for every 1
on what will happen next, it all depends on who does what after November.

This tells you 1 thing “things will get worse B-4 it will get better” be READY
so that only means 1 thing, to get your house in order & STOCK UP so you
have everything you need, so you don’t have to go out to get it & be killed.

2 responses to “Can Things change for the better?”

  1. Oh, I do believe things will get much worse. First off the Bible talks about the end times. I don’t know if this is the end because when you look back in history, there were hard times, and those people probably thought it was the end…but we need to be aware and diligent – vote, get the word out there and do what you have to do to protect yourself and your family.

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    1. Thank You for your response, They are
      out to destroy America any way they
      can no matter what it takes plain & simple.

      I don’t think this is the end, but I do
      hope it’s the final straw of the end
      for them, but we still have 4 more mons
      & (god forbid 2 more years with them
      UNLESS something changes in a HUGE
      WAY , like this right here which is a lie.


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