Where is all the help ?

river rock for pond
pea gravel

Yesterday it was bill day & if you have kept up with my
bill day post you know it’s a all day thing with us, cause we
go to 2 different counties nowhere close together to pay bills.

Well everything was going as normal for us & yes it was HOT
up in the 90’s & we were doing our last bit of shopping for
the day & I wanted to check on the price for the gravel too.

We went to Mannard’s & checked to see if they had any, &
when I seen they did I asked how much it was & they told
me & when I heard how much I was thrilled at the price.

So I got me (20) bgs, 10 of each & you WOULD THINK you
could get some help with that kind of stuff but no- none
I’m 65 yrs old & pretty tough with doing things like this.

But yea ok, so 95 degrees & no 1 in sight & I loaded 20
bgs of gravel on 2 flat carts & pushed each 1 to the cash
out desk
& by the time I got there here comes the help.

I was so hot, hubby (77 yrs old) told me I was as red as
an apple when I got back with the 2nd cart of gravel &
I looked like I was fixing to pass out, well I would think
so after loading 20 bgs of gravel in less than 30 mins
with NO HELP wouldn’t you? but I did it by MYSELF.

Thank GOD I won’t be doing THAT any time soon again
cause there is no help to rely on these days with stuff
like that & it’s a damn shame things are like they are.

But here is the deal, when a 65 year old person can
out work a 45 year old person SOMETHING IS WRONG
cause after we took the gravel to where it needed to be
the person I’m doing the pond for, I had HIM unload it
& after he was done he comes off with I’m beat OMG!

He didn’t load 2 carts & push them as far as I had to
in 95+ heat so as far as help goes there is none these
days, So when you have to have help, bring it with you.

3 responses to “Where is all the help ?”

  1. Young people today and even the previous generation do not know what work is. You be careful though. I have worked very hard all my life in construction. I just turned 70 and my back gave out 4 months ago. I had to have surgery and probably another coming up. These old backs wear out and it is very painful when they do. God bless you.

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    1. Thank You for your response, yea I know
      how the new generation is these days &
      it’s horrible how bad it is & just as sad too.

      I have had times when my back has
      went out on me & your so right it’s
      no fun when it does it hurts like hell.

      But I am careful about how I do things
      when it comes to picking up stuff the
      wrong way, thank you for your concern.

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    2. I just got done reading this blog about the spitball in school
      I remember them days in my school, & fixing to read the rest.


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