Time to clean the stock tank

110 gal stock tank
(goldfish tank)

I haven’t been paying much attention to the goldfish when I
clean the tank out till today when it was that time again &
😱WOW ! ! MAN HAVE THEY’VE GROWN ! ! so I got to thinking.

Being I’m working on the pond at a friends place About a
mile down the road, if it was finished I could put them in it
& they could grow up to be BIG GOLDFISH, but it’s not the case.

I think I have mostly common type goldfish, but I think I may
have a koi or 2 in the mix of 9 goldfish I have, & now their old
enough to start breeding so every other day or so guess what ?

Being the pond isn’t done & I just bought 20 lbs. of goldfish
food I will hang on to them till the pond is done & put them
in it & that way I can visit them when I go over there next year.

I will keep the stock tank going with some other type of fish
when I decide what I want, I’m not real sure just yet, but I’m
thinking a live baring type fish & there’s a few to pick from.

Like I said earlier there’s a few to pick from & being I have a place to
take the extra fish that’s a good thing, I use to raise guppies & that was
fun to watch them swim about & what colors they come out afterwards.

Remember he said they are easy breeders? try they are PROLIFIC breeders
I had MILLIONS of fry in no time, so it’s not like I don’t know how they are
I’d like to try like either platies, & or mollies, see how that works out 🤔

But I have all the time I need to decide what I want so no big hurry, BUT
which ever 1 I decide on I have to have a different type filter system that
don’t suck up the fry, which means going with a air pump or hang on back.

Can’t do a hang on back for a stock tank but can do a air pump filter for it
which is REALLY EASY & also a lot cheaper to run for 2 tanks cause I also
have a 75 gal aquarium that I have set up, but it’s all aquatic plant’s in it.

Not only is the goldfish out growing the stock tank & so on but I can’t
have plant’s with them cause they eat them. where the live barriers don’t
& that is the whole idea is to raise fish & plant’s to sell for a little side $.

So being I’ve raised guppies & know the pet store will take them & I know
what type of plant’s to grow for them Hum ? ? ? 🤔 you see what I see ?
I can do the breeders in the 75 gal where the plant’s are & raise the fry
in the stock tank to pick & choose for breeders & sellers I want & don’t
want & keep the pet store well supplied, sounds like a no brainer to me.

Well it’s back to work so I can get the goldfish back in the stock tank &
call it a day, so I can think about my plans for next year on getting a
new batch of fish after I get the goldfish out of the stock tank & start
over again with the NEW fish & start working with what I have in plant’s.

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