I’m so blessed

To have a man like him

When God almighty put us together NEITHER 1 Of US knew what
life was going to bring us or throw at us, & to see us together 35
yrs through the hell we went through makes me so blessed.

I didn’t know what type of man God had put in my life to live
with & to give my life to & after 35 yrs I couldn’t of asked for
a better person to devote my life to like he has done for me.

Like I said in my last blog I wrote “35 years later” God almighty
is the 1 to give thanks to for being with us all the way through
our ups & downs good times & bad times night & day everyday.

Hubby didn’t like the idea of me working but he found out that
I’m my own boss I didn’t go for telling me what I can & can’t do
I wanted to do my share in the marriage but not just stay home.

So I came up with raising rabbits to help with the bills & so on
well he didn’t have a problem with that & it was fun to do too
I stayed in it for a good 15 yrs & made a decent profit from it.

Well after we lost everything we owned in Fla. & moved to In,
it’s been 15 yrs up here & we have been struggling since day 1
to find our dream home & live life to the fullest, we never did.

We moved from 1 place to another the better part of the 1st
5 yrs of being up here & finally found a place we could call
home, 2 buildings on 1 property that we just paid off recently.

I never did get back into raising rabbits again that I loved
we kind of didn’t feel the same after losing everything we had
in Fla from the 07 housing market crash & fell on hard times.

We just felt so out of place & scorned, defeated, we lost our
intrest in living for a good portion of 10 yrs & just didn’t care
about life or anything including each other & that was hard.

But somewhere along the way God had took control & got us
out of the gloomy funky off the wall life we were in, he opened
my eyes to moving in the cabin & living there & it changed me.

After I had been living in the cabin a few months I started to
see what God had to show us, of how things can change in a
matter of weeks, days , mons, hrs. mins, for the good in us.

We bounced out of our shells & started to come alive again
we found each other again cause we weren’t right under each
other 7 days a week, 24 hrs. a day, & that’s what it took for us.

Cause God kept showing me things & after a while things was
looking up for us, we built up the bedroom I was living into a
food storage room for the food we got from the food pantries.

We started looking at ways to save $ & get back into living life
even though I was living in the cabin & him in the trailer across
the yard from me but hey that’s what it took for us to come alive.

Now we have everything we need except living together in a
decent place & being with each other but we have gotten use
to it, it’s not like we have a secret life from each other ha ha ha.

We both have been in our own worlds since the day we met
him being a truck driver across the 48 states hardly ever home
me at home doing what ever there was to be done for 15 yrs.

So when we lost everything it took our lives with it & we had
to find a new life to live & it may not be the right way to live
but it’s what God laid out for us to make it work together.

Now it’s not as hard to live apart as it use to be for us but
it’s not easy knowing we won’t ever be living together again
cause we don’t have the $ it takes to move to a better place.

We have adjusted to the way things are & adapted to us in
2 different places to live & that’s what makes the man I married
special cause he has always put me 1st in the decisions of our
lives & I would ask for God’s help to make the right choices.

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