The truth is coming out

This couldn’t be more true than it is right now in our faces
I’ve been telling you the same thing time & time over & over
but no 1 wants to talk about it & why is that ? cause it’s TRUE.

Rather people want to admit it or not or face the fact that this
can’t be happening, well folks it’s happening & it’s the truth &
the fact of the matter is people that voted for Biden is taking.

What are people saying? they are ashamed of the way things
have been going cause they THOUGHT he’d be better than
trump but instead they got LIED TO THEIR FACES & not happy.

You can only imagine what the Biden voters are feeling & what
they are saying & now things aren’t going like they thought they
would, & THIS IS WHY I try my best to warn you ahead of time.

If you go through my blogs where I have wrote blog after blog
1 after the other about what they are doing you’d see what I
have been saying is ALL COMING TO A HEAD in 30 days from now.

This is why I keep on top of the news like I do, cause I like to know
what is next to hit us upside our heads, not cause I enjoy it but to
let others know & try to get them in the loop of where we stand.

This is ALSO why I put videos on my blogs so you can get the true
facts & see just what I have been saying is right on your door step
it’s not to intermediate you in any way that’s not my intentions.

Rather or not you read my blogs or listen to the videos that’s on
you, but you can’t say I haven’t tried my very best to get the word
out to get you prepared for what’s going on around the world today.

Here are a few videos I hope you’ll take time to watch or at least
listen to & get some insight into who is taking America down the
drain everytime he opens his mouth & pushing us over a cliff.

This is pure hard core facts & truth

This is what they aren’t telling you when it comes to owning a electric
vehicle that they are trying to push on the economy of every body who
can’t afford 1 & the economy can’t handle much less the grid we have.

This is NOT the vehicle for the economy for a lot of reasons & if you own 1
I feel bad for you, cause you will regret it when you have to service it or if
you have to replace something on it or have to buy another 1 to replace it.

Not only all that, but think about what do you do with the old batteries &
how bad they will effect the echo system & what it’s going to cost in the
long term of owning 1, 🤔 yea it’s not worth the hogwash their telling you.

So there it is on buying a electric car & now you have the other news that
needs to be told on what is going on that is going to come to a end when the midterms get here & things change to get Biden in a nursing home.

This is how bad Biden has stomped our country in the ground & it’s pretty sad that we have to deal with all his side winding ways that he has put us in & when the RED WAVE HITS things SHOULD CHANGE For the BETTER praying.

Go through my blogs & take a good look at what I have been telling you on
how Biden has turned our lives up side down every way he could & how bad things are & listen to the videos I have on all my blogs it’s all there.

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