Guess what day Sunday is ?


It’s the day ALL HELL BROKE LOSE & LOST 3.000 PEOPLE “9-11”
due to 2 plans that flew into the twin towers in New York 😒
it changed the world & it could happen AGAIN on Biden’s watch.

With the way things have been going on & what I’ve been hearing
ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with him in office & that’s not no joke either
21 yrs ago this coming Sunday 3.000+ people lost their lives forever.

There’s a song that tells the story of that very day & how it changed
America & how much has changed since that day to where we are
today, if you remember that day please say a prayer for the hero’s
who tried to save people & lost their lives doing all they could. πŸ™

The video above is a real good 1 to listen to cause he talks about how
life throws us curveballs & what it takes to over come them, it’s well
worth listening to it all the way through & to share with family & friends.

This has true meaning about just what I was talking about at the start
just as the other videos do about the world we are living in & it’s going
to get a lot worse as long as we put the WRONG People In CHARGE ! ! !
get out & VOTE FOR THE CRAZINESS To STOP & to get our lives back again.

This next video is on the day the world turned up side down & NBC news
was running when it all changed course in a matter of mins, starting at
the 1:40:00 video timer, but if you watch the beginning on what the news was that day B-4 everything changed to what the news is TODAY it spits out.

Well folks I think this is a good time to end this & give you something
to think about while you go through your day Sunday with your loved 1’s
hope you have a great safe day, cause we don’t know what will be next.

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