Blessing from above

Hello, I’m not here to preach or convince anything to you
I have a story about my week & it’s pretty cool, it’s a Sat.
afternoon after I had woke up from a nap, Yes I take naps.

The other day Saturday afternoon I had gotten me a soda
from the freezer & I wasn’t fully awake & noticed my drink
wasn’t fully froze, I didn’t think anything about at the time.

Sunday afternoon rolls around, I go Get some Ice Cream &
it was melted, THEN I thought about my soda from the other
day & looked in the freezer & the top shelf of stuff is soft. 😱
I’m like Oh crap! what the ? so I called hubby over to see
what he says cause I’m not a fan of messing with such stuff
I don’t know anything about, so he comes over & checks it out.
He opens the door looks inside & doesn’t hear it running I’m
in the panic mode cause my food is going bad & when I panic
I’m not very nice so say, so he said I don’t know what’s wrong.

I come back & say well we had better do something cause our
Food is fixing to go bad if we don’t & I’m not going to be a very
happy person so it’s 2pm & I don’t know when the stores or
closing, & don’t have a clue who has what we need, we need to go.
So off we go, Thank God we bought the 5×8 trailer for moving
(so we THOUGHT) We were looking at some nasty weather
towards where we were going to start looking but the weather
held off the whole time it was like will we get lucky from the rain?

We went to “3different stores & O M L ! ! ! & I couldn’t believe
what I was hearing, 1 had small freezers that wasn’t nowhere
close to what I needed, 2 had a floor model but wouldn’t sell it
3 had some that you would go to your waste & that was it.

BUT the sales person told us about a store that sells different
appliances & it was right across the street, Awesome we went
over there & being I’m on a mission I’m in my serious mode.
The guy I talked to there was a cool guy but caught me off guard
by throwing a joke & it went right over my head & hubby had to
let me in on the joke, but I told him I was sorry but thanks.

So ANYWAY, he goes looking & he looks at what he has & says
what about this 1? & we just got done looking at it & he tells
us that he’d give us a good price on it & what I saw was 800$
We looked at each other & being it’s the only 1 he had we said
SOLD, as bad as I THOUGHT I needed this freezer at the time
things changed by the time we got back home with the freezer.

We had turned down the street to the house & a RAINBOW was
right in front of us like as if you could touch it, it was AWESOME
the rain either followed us or we hit it, but it came a down poor.
Just as we had pulled in the drive way we got slammed with it
I jumped out & went inside & hubby waited till it stopped &
came in, we went & got the neighbor to help us with the freezer.

After he comes to gives us a hand to unload the freezer he asked
what happened & hubby told him & the next thing I know is hubby
decides being as late as it was he’d plug the New freezer in for now.

BUT he thinks a minute & plugs in the old 1 to another plug in &
lord behold it comes on, I’m like are you SERIOUS ? so what did
we NOT DO ? we didn’t THINK, what did I do ? I panicked 2 no-no’s
I should of thought about checking the plug 1st & not panicked.

But here’s the kicker of the story, We were talking about how nice
it would be to have a extra freezer for extra food to store up on &
a few days later we so-say got 1 thinking ours had bit the dust &
we see a full blown rainbow over us, & don’t get caught in the rain
till we get in the drive way? I’d have to say that was a blessing.

Well I hope you enjoyed my story & didn’t take up too much of
your time, & I hope you learn from other peoples faults in life
that’s what life is about learning from others & teaching others.

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